Women in purple

The first Sgula women's festival at Dead Sea's Tzel Harim holiday village.

woman meditating 88 (photo credit: )
woman meditating 88
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The idyllic setting of the Dead Sea's Tzel Harim holiday village will play host next Wednesday to the first Sgula women's festival. Sgula means characteristic and/or virtue, and the new-born festival aims to promote self-awareness through love and spirituality while celebrating "womanly qualities." Organizers came up with the idea of Sgula after their twice-a-year Sagol (Purple) festival open to both men and women proved to be particularly popular with women. Sagol got its name because of the color's association with spirituality and growth, and Sgula is the feminine form of the word. Next week's festival will have the same central elements as Sagol but will focus on creating an intimate and open atmosphere in which women are able to build bonds and be supportive of each other. Workshops in meditation, yoga and maintaining a healthy self-image feature prominently on the schedule. Creative expression of the feminine experience will be found through belly dancing, theater workshops and a performance by the women's singing group Shma Kolah (Listen To Her Voice). Guests will have the added option of enjoying the Dead Sea treatments available at Tzel Harim. Sgula takes place February 16 to 18. Tickets and information at (08) 993-3960/50.