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Not very adept at applying powdered eye shadows with brushes, I loved the ease of application of Avon's Sheer Nourishment Cooling Cream Eyeshadow.

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Almay has a new dual-sided lipstick and gloss in-one, called Truly Lasting Color - a very promising name indeed. One side of this product contains the lipstick, which takes about a minute to dry, after which you turn the product around and apply the gloss with the brush from the other side. The lipstick itself is a little drying, but the gloss moisturizes. The best part - the product really lives up to its name: in the evening I still noticed the color I had applied in the morning. Almay's Truly Lasting Color comes in nine different shades and costs NIS 90. Lancome has a new weapon in the fight against aging, the Absolue Progressive Cure, consisting of four little flacons of serum, each one good for one week. A 50-something year old friend was eager to see if this intensive treatment would do anything for the fine lines on her face, and faithfully applied the product for a month. The smell of the serum is not very pleasant, but it does feel good on the skin; the flacons are little and it's a bit difficult to get the last drops out. Every flacon contains different ingredients, and after four weeks you can expect results; my friend reported her skin feels smooth and looks fuller, but cannot really tell if there is a dramatic difference in the appearance of lines. You can use this product in preparation for an important event, when you're tired or stressed, or at the change of the seasons, the instructions claim; be prepared to fork out some money, though: the package of four 7 ml. bottles is NIS 1,200. Schwarzkopf now pays some attention to men's hair, with three new products: a vitalizing shampoo, promising to give you strong and supple hair, a tonic, and a phytobiogin shampoo supposed to strengthen the roots, especially for men who are experiencing hair loss. My husband, who does not (yet) have a bald spot, enjoyed the vitalizing shampoo, which smelled musky and masculine. For the rest, there was not much to report, except that the shampoo "does the job"; a 250 ml. bottle of vitalizing shampoo is NIS 49.90, the phytobiogin shampoo is NIS 51.90, and a tube of tonic is NIS 62. Schwarzkopf products are available at select hairdressers. Not very adept at applying powdered eye shadows with brushes, I loved the ease of application of Avon's Sheer Nourishment Cooling Cream Eyeshadow. The cream, in Iced Blue, a nice shade for the winter, felt refreshing, and was dotted on the eyelid with a fingertip and blended easily; you can also use the cream as a shimmering base for powdered eye shadow. Avon products can be bought from Avon sales people (call 03-648-5316); the Cooling Cream Eye Shadow is NIS 79. A friend who loves the Ahava hand cream, with its easily recognizable fragrance, tried out the Ahava Lightening Hand Cream. This hand cream promises to brighten dark spots, and contains a sun protection factor of 12 to prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays. Even though this cream might protect your hands better from the sun and prevent signs of aging, my friend still preferred the original Ahava hand cream, which smells a lot better. A 100 ml. tube is NIS 70. The Israeli company Soft Touch launched new aromatic perfumes under the label The Other, blessed with the profound names Soul, Being, and Senso. The fragrance The Other Senso was found to be a little on the sweet side, but not overbearing. This fruity fragrance comes in an elegant, slim bottle, with a subtle design of a pink flower. A 50 ml. bottle of The Other perfumes is NIS 150, a very reasonable price for a perfume; Soft Touch products are available at the SuperPharm chain.