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Maybelline has new liquid lipsticks, called Watershine Elixir, that look and feel more like lip gloss.

maybelline exlixer 888 (photo credit: )
maybelline exlixer 888
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Hugo Boss Femme is the latest fragrance for women from a fashion house more famous for catering to masculine tastes. The fruity notes of tangerine and apricot skin are blended with flowery notes, such as freesia, and in spite of the fact that this is an eau de parfum, it is refreshing and light. The circular bottle is beautifully designed, with a transparent bottom half allowing a clear look at the pink-colored perfume, and the upper half topped by a glass lid. A 50 ml. bottle of Femme is NIS 259, and 75 ml. is NIS 339. Maybelline has new liquid lipsticks, called Watershine Elixir, that look and feel more like lip gloss. The lipstick is very moisturizing, containing extracts from such water plants as algae and lotus, mixed in with purified water and vitamin E extract. You squeeze out the amount of lipstick you need by turning the bottom part of the lipstick until you hear it click; the lipstick then comes out in droplets through tiny holes on the slanted top piece, thus minimizing the mess of applying excessive gloss. Watershine Elixir is available in 20 shades, and costs NIS 75 (NIS 49 during February). A friend loved the design of the new Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup, which comes in a small elegant-looking green box. Unlike some other make-up boxes she used, this one has a compartment for a sponge that opens up very easily, without getting your fingers dirty or risking breaking your fingernails. The compact makeup is available in six different shades, at NIS 155. Citrus fruits are associated with the cold winter weather, and they are part of certain cosmetic products too. Darphin, a brand name of luxurious products, has a new delicious-smelling body lotion that counts among its ingredients lemon and orange essential oil extracts, as well as the patented Remoduline extract which supposedly tightens the skin. Applying the body lotion feels like a luxurious treatment to your skin, and you won't feel the need to apply perfume afterwards. Darphin products are not cheap, but this could be a luxurious gift to someone you love; 500 ml. of the Hydroform body lotion is NIS 271, and a matching shower gel is NIS 229. My daughter religiously uses creams that promise to untangle and smooth her curly hair every morning, and the new Pantene Pro-V moisturizing cream for smooth hair was a big success in our house. The cream doesn't leave the hair feeling or looking greasy, and can be used right after shampooing as well, without rinsing it out. The creams are also available in versions for curly hair, or for a natural look; a 300 ml. squeeze bottle is NIS 27. A 50-something friend used the Leorex Hypoallergenic Anti-Wrinkle Nano-Booster cream for a while, and was pleased with the results, even though the creams are not exactly user-friendly. The cream comes in individually wrapped doses, and before application, you have to massage the sachet until the contents become liquid. Then you will have to leave the cream on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off, so the whole process is quite time consuming. The cream did have a lifting effect on the skin and made it look good, though; you will have to part with NIS 450 for a box containing 30 sachets. On the practical side, this makes it easier when you go away for the weekend, since you won't have to bring a big container of cream. Leorex creams are available at selected beauticians - call (03) 950-2888 - or at Elisha Hospital in Haifa.