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The famous British soccer player David Beckham and his ex-Spice Girl wife Victoria are launching a perfume for him and for her, called Intimately Beckham.

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beckham cologne 88
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A teenage girl suffering from some blackheads and pimples used the Careline Skin Perfector Spot Treatment Kit for several weeks and liked the products. The kit consists of a moisturizing cream, a face wash and a spot treatment gel that dries up blemishes. The girl, who up until now didn't use any face cream, said it felt very pleasant. The treatment didn't put an end to youth-related skin problems, but no cream is going to be good enough to fight those raging hormones. The price for a spot treatment kit is NIS 170. The famous British soccer player David Beckham and his ex-Spice Girl wife Victoria are launching a perfume for him and for her, called Intimately Beckham. The eau de toilette for him is a little spicy, and was thought to be masculine but not too strong or overbearing by the person who tried it (and who is not particularly a soccer fan). The eau de toilette for her is very flowery and sweet, and it leaves quite an impression, as you would expect from Victoria Beckham. Both bottles have a simple, square design, his being amber-brown, and hers light pink; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 291, and a 75 ml. bottle is NIS 353. With the arrival of spring, and the cleaning that comes with it, you might want to freshen up your rooms and closets with some nice fragrances. Emma Green has some perfume sprays you can use in the house and also on your linens, or even clothes that smell a little musty. The vanilla-scented spray has a wonderful aroma, even though a little strong, and lingered for quite a while. The spray also comes in roses, ocean breeze and lavender fragrances. A bottle of room spray, available in the Emma Green stores, is NIS 62; also available are fragranced drawer sheets, and little bags with soap you can stuff in your closets. MD Formulations has a new eye serum that supposedly brightens and tightens the area around the eyes. The serum comes in the shape of a roller-ball pen, and you apply it under and around the eyes; you can then pat it with your finger to absorb, if necessary. The serum is easily absorbed and feels pleasant; the price for a 4.7 ml. roller-ball pen is NIS 249. You can buy MD Formulations cosmetics at selected beauticians, or through the Internet at If Barbie is still your idol, the M.A.C. stores now have a collection of make-up products called Barbie loves M.A.C., consisting of a lot of pink lipsticks, nail polishes and blushes. The Plum Royale lip liner is not so bright pink, luckily, and was to the liking of a young woman we know who is certainly no Barbie doll. The lip liner is easily applied and doesn't smudge; the price is NIS 78. If you don't want to spend the money to get a manicure, you can try the L'Oreal French Manicure kit at home, consisting of a bottle of white precision liner, and a bottle of a pastel top coat. The precision liner is applied with a special brush, but I still had trouble applying it evenly, and the result was less than perfect. The nail polish is supposed to stay on for seven days. For those who are adept make-up appliers, this is an affordable alternative; the price for the set is NIS 40.