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A colleague loved the Maybelline Wonder Finish Foundation, although the shade, number 60, part of the new fall collection, was a little too dark for her.

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A colleague who received the Omnia Crystalline perfume by Bulgari was very impressed with the design of the bottle. The silver-colored metal-and-glass bottle comes in the form of two circles interlocking at right angles, and certainly is a nice piece to put on display. When you hold the bottle with a black dot facing you and press on the top circle, it sprays the perfume out without having to remove a cap. The flowery scent was described as sweet and subdued, pleasant but not startling. A 40 ml. bottle of eau de toilette is NIS 361, and 65 ml. is 454. The American company Neways claims its products are environmentally friendly, contain no chemicals that are harmful to your health, and especially stress the fact that their products don't contain chemicals that can cause cancer. The Ultimate Shampoo was pleasant to use, although I'm so used to fruity or flowery-scented shampoos that this fragrance-free one was a little strange at first. The Exuberance conditioner was okay, nothing more, and the Refresh bath and shower gel, also fragrance-free, was great for my daughter, who is allergic to most soaps. The prices for these products are a little on the high side: the bath and shower gel and the Indulge bubble bath are NIS 56 for 250 ml., the shampoo is NIS 72, and the conditioner NIS 68 for 250 ml. Neways is for sale in selected health food stores, or directly through the company, 1-800-520-420. A colleague loved the Maybelline Wonder Finish Foundation, although the shade, number 60, part of the new fall collection, was a little too dark for her. The foundation didn't smudge, even when drops of water were splashed on her face, and stayed on nicely throughout the day. Wonder Finish is available in different shades, for NIS 85. Schwartz Natural Cosmetics, an Israeli company, has a line of products enriched with olive oil, and the newest addition to this line is a Hand & Foot cream, enriched with organic olive oil and myrtle. The olive oil supposedly makes the skin supple, and the myrtle has disinfecting qualities. The cream is nourishing, but not too greasy, and smells pleasant to me, although to another person it smelled too much like a disinfectant. The hand and foot cream is cheap compared to others: a 200 ml. tube (bigger than most of them are) is NIS 19.90. Estee Lauder's Perfectionist [CP+] is a correcting serum for lines, wrinkles and age spots, containing Poly-Collagen Peptides. These complicated names and mathematical-looking formulas may cause some people to believe that this is the ultimate formula against ageing, and the makers do indeed claim that now you won't need a single injection to get rid of wrinkles. The serum, applied underneath your day or night cream, feels wonderfully soft, and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth. Applying the serum daily really makes a difference in how the skin feels, but I cannot say that dark spots got lighter, nor did I detect any other visible difference. Unfortunately, this little bit of pampering is expensive: a 30 ml. bottle is NIS 375, and a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 530. Elizabeth Arden's Color Intrigue blusher does a great job brightening my otherwise pale-as-a-ghost cheeks. The blusher has tiny glitter particles that give the cheeks a little touch of glamour, but in a very subtle way. The brush that comes with the blusher is okay, although it is always better to apply your blusher with a big brush that's made for this purpose. The Color Intrigue Cheekcolor is NIS 270.