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Dr. Fischer's Kamil Blue Sensitive treatment bath milk, enriched with oatmeal oil, was a hit with a three-year-old with very sensitive skin.

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A friend used the Resilience Lift Extreme Mask by Estée Lauder, which is sold as an "ultra-firming" mask, twice a week for three weeks as recommended. The mask is easily applied, has a nice creamy texture and pleasant smell. At first, she felt a slight tingling or stinging, but this quickly subsided. The directions are a little obscure though - "Wait 10-15 minutes until color slightly intensifies" - and although she didn't observe the color change, she waited 10-15 minutes before washing it off with cool water, after which her skin felt smooth and moist. However, after three weeks, no particular firming qualities were noticed; all in all, it's a nice moisturizing mask, but not more. The price is NIS 250 for a 75-ml. tube. Yves Saint Laurent has a new lipstick, called Lip Twins, which not only provides great looking color, but is also a piece of jewelry that needs to be shown off. Inside the lipstick case, there are two colors that you can mix, one satiny and one shiny, that complement each other. You get the color you want by twisting the top of the case; also by twisting, you get to a little mirror. On top of the case, the logo of Yves Saint Laurent is displayed inside a circle, and if you pull on it, a little brush applicator comes out. I tried the Lip Twins in the colors carmine beige, one of the Nude shades. Lip Twins are also available in Monochrome shades and Daring shades; the price is on the high side - NIS 165. Dr. Fischer's Kamil Blue Sensitive treatment bath milk, enriched with oatmeal oil, was a hit with a three-year-old with very sensitive skin. His usual rash disappeared after using it a few times. The bath milk is hypoallergenic, suitable for dry and irritated skin and "tearless." The price for a 500-ml. bottle is NIS 40. Also available in this series are the Sensitive oatmeal cream wash (NIS 22 for 500 ml.) and oatmeal body lotion (NIS 33 for 500 ml.). Those who wear their hair in a ponytail can now try an innovation called Moni Poni, not just an ordinary ponytail holder, but a plastic spiral with decorations (a flower, a heart, a circle) on the handle, supposedly suitable for every type of hair. The Moni Poni won't damage the hair, like a rubber band or clips, and is easy to use, once you know the trick. You have to hook the spiral in the hair, holding it just by the handle, and then turn it until it is tight; if you're not sure how to use it, look at the explanation on the Web site (in English and Hebrew) at My eight-year-old liked the concept, but when I tried to use it in my fine, limp hair, it came sliding out after a while, in spite of the promises. Kids can wear a few of the colorful ponytail holders in a row for an off-beat effect. The Moni Poni is available at Odem stores for NIS 19.90. Calvin Klein's new Eternity Summer eau de toilette is a refreshing and natural summer fragrance, according to a friend who now wears it every day. The scent is a little sweet, though not too much, with a hint of orange blossom and hyacinth. The bottle is blue, and to spray on the perfume, you just have to push down the cap. A 100-ml. bottle is NIS 414. There is also a version of Eternity Summer for men; 100 ml. is NIS 355. A colleague tried L'Oréal Tec crystal gloss long-lasting shine spray, and judged it smelled fresh and natural. A lack of shininess wasn't exactly the problem with her hair, but this product did add instant, natural looking gloss that lasts. The spray also contains UV protection, something even your hair needs, apparently. A 100 ml. spray container, available at selected hair salons, is NIS 66.