Consuming Beauty

Madina Milano's Beautyblender is a new way of applying your makeup, and more hygienic than using regular sponges.

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My oldest daughter, who is very much into gymnastics, loved the Speedo pants called Ladies Active pants, black with a turquoise blue band at the waist in the shape of an X. The small-size pants were perfect on the waist, but still a little too long for her, since they're meant for adults. The material feels super-comfortable, perfect for a good workout, and also got my girl many compliments. Prices for pants in the Speedo winter collection range from NIS 109 to NIS 199.90; you can also get matching tops (NIS 129 to NIS 159) or sweaters with a hood (NIS 149-159). Madina Milano's Beautyblender is a new way of applying your makeup, and more hygienic than using regular sponges. The Beautyblender is two bright pink sponges with a round and pointed end, packed together with a bottle of Blendercleanser to clean your sponges after each application. The sponges have no edges, ensuring an easy and quick application. A friend who tried them said applying makeup was easy with the Beautyblender; but other than from a hygienic point of view, she didn't really feel the need for such a product, because her makeup powder already comes with a sponge. A package containing two Beautyblender sponges, a bottle of Blendercleanser and a little pouch for traveling is NIS 189. A friend with a few deep frown-lines in her face was curious to see what the Garnier Ultralift Deep Wrinkle A cream would do for her. She reported that it was easily applied with the little pipette attached at the end of the tube, so it's easy to apply the cream in exactly the right spot. The cream contains Vitamin A, which supposedly helps to correct deep wrinkles, and ginger, which should help prevent new ones. The cream felt pleasant and didn't sting, but after using the whole tube, the deep wrinkles are still there, although some smaller wrinkles seem to have evened out somewhat. A 40 ml. tube of Garnier Deep Wrinkle A is NIS 150. Police Wings, an eau de toilette by the manufacturer of Police sunglasses, was thought to be promising at first by a friend who tried it, but after a few hours, the fragrance didn't stand the test of time. The scent turned into an unpleasant "old" odor, after mixing with body oils, she reported. So, in spite of the dramatic looks of the bottle, a blue long curved shape with the Police Wings logo on top, and the promise of the initial scent, it was a little disappointing. Wings eau de toilette is NIS 259 for a 50 ml. bottle, and NIS 369 for a 100 ml. bottle; the version for men is the same price. My husband tried out a pair of so-called comfort shoes by Flyfoot, a company that specializes in this type of shoes, and agreed that they feel rather comfortable indeed, being light weight and having a flexible sole. The shoes come in different fashionable models for men and for women, so wearing elegant shoes doesn't mean your feet will have to suffer. The prices for Flyfoot shoes vary from NIS 300 to NIS 360. Dr. Fischer has new hand cream and foot cream in its Dead Sea Minerals Plus line, containing Omega 3 and 6 oils and minerals from the Dead Sea. The hand cream, also containing aloe vera and chamomile, smells wonderful and is rapidly absorbed, but was still rich enough to take care of some really dry spots on someone's knuckles. The foot cream is great to massage your tired feet before going to sleep, letting the cream work during the night; both creams are NIS 45 for a 100 ml. tube.