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The fifth perfume in Dior's Poison series is called Midnight Poison, and it comes in a dramatic-looking dark-blue bottle.

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poison cologne 88
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The fifth perfume in Dior's Poison series is called Midnight Poison, and it comes in a dramatic-looking dark-blue bottle. A woman who tried it thought the strong scent was somewhat manly, even though the main notes are roses and patchouli. But she added that after about an hour it smelled wonderful, and she received a lot of compliments. Like other Dior fragrances, this one is still noticeable after many hours. A 50 ml. bottle is NIS 481, and 100 ml. is NIS 684. A friend tried the Penina Rosenblum Omega Active Purity Thermo-Mask, a facial mask for normal-to-dry skin. She loved the pink shade, and the fact of having a light pink mask on her face felt very girly. The mask had a soft flowery scent, surrounding you as you put it on. In fact, it smelled so good, she did not want to take it off. After washing it off, her face felt very soft, and she was sorry that she did not have other products in the line to follow up with. Penina Rosenblum also has an Omega Active Peel Off Mask, suitable for all skin types; both masks are NIS 92 for 50 ml. If you want to curl up on the sofa on a chilly winter night, the Kangaroo blankets sold at the Hollandia stores are ideal to keep you warm, and you can choose from a range of cheerful colors to match your interior. The inside of the blankets has pockets to put your feet and hands in, if you like (hence the name of the blanket), and the lining also contains aloe vera, so it is super-soft to wrap around you. The Kangaroo blanket is NIS 299. This is the time of the year you find new olive oil on the shelves, as well as many cosmetic products containing it. Schwartz cosmetics has some new products containing olive leaf extract, such as body butter and a gentle foot scrub. The body butter had a light scent and a nice consistency; a friend commented it truly feels like rubbing butter in your skin. Yet it dissolves easily once it is rubbed in, not leaving an oily feeling, and it made her whole body feel soft. The foot scrub was so nice that she scrubbed her whole body with it. It is a little thin in consistency though, so be careful not to let it drip from your hands before you get it onto your body. Both the Body Butter and the Gentle Foot Scrub are NIS 39.90. The Emma Green stores have cute little soaps based on olive oil, mixed with spices and herbs that add extra qualities. The available varieties are rosemary, suitable for oily skin, seaweed, good for treating cellulite, coffee bean, which is energizing, and poppy seeds, which provide a gentle peeling and supposedly encourage cell renewal. The herbs are visible in the top part of the soaps; one bar of soap is NIS 10. A friend who always uses compact pressed-powder makeup and has tried many different brands, truly loved the new Guerlain Parure, both the look of the product and the qualities of it. The shiny gold-colored box is easily stored in your handbag, and has some clever details, such as little magnets that hold up the top compartment if you want to open the bottom one to get out the sponge, and little mirrors in both compartments. The make-up, containing pearl crystals, feels very soft and blends in perfectly with the skin. This luxury comes at a price, NIS 323 for a box containing nine gr., but you can refill it, something that is mentioned on the packaging; a refill is NIS 231.