Consuming Beauty

To create that special look on Purim try a wig or hair extension; for example those from Rivka Zahavi.

green hair 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
green hair 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The handbags designed by Elat Lior are both very fashionable and practical. The purple suede purse I'm currently using is big enough for all the things I schlep with me; it has different compartments and two small pockets that close with a zipper on the inside and outside. On the downside, the bag doesn't have a separate pocket for a cellphone, so every time it rings, I'm digging through the bag to find it. The handbags are available in purple, brown, black, green and orange, and they are sold at the Tik Hatikim stores at the very reasonable price of NIS 159. The pashminas (big scarves you wrap around your upper body) made by Ralf Kata are ideal to keep you warm on those in-between days when you don't need a coat anymore, but only something light, or on winter days when it's a little chilly inside. You can drape the pashmina around you in different ways, for variation. The Ralf Kata pashminas are available in different colors and are rather inexpensive - NIS 24.90. Yodfat has some colorful and very thick socks in its collection that will keep your feet warm when walking on cold floor tiles in your home. The old-fashioned-looking "puzmak" socks are apparently very in again, and are a good alternative to slippers. The price for these slipper-socks varies between NIS 18 and NIS 30. To create that special look on Purim, or do something crazy you wouldn't dream of doing normally, try a wig or hair extension; for example those from Rivka Zahavi (Ramat Gan, Ra'anana and Haifa). My youngest liked the braided black hair extension that will go nicely with her Chinese dress. Also available are wigs in real crazy colors such as a bright green afro-look or long wigs with different colors such as black and purple. Prices for the wigs start at NIS 250, and hair extensions range from NIS 120 to NIS 295. A little less crazy, but still dramatic, are the false eyelashes sold at Il-Makiage. Those big black eye lashes, or the colorful ones made out of little feathers, are glued right on top of your own. The price varies between NIS 75 and NIS 90. Playful pillows to decorate a kid's room are the "poker" pillows by Aeroflex, pillows in the shape of a heart, spade, diamond or club. The pillows are not only decorative, but they are comfortable and feel soft. They are available in black, white and red, and cost NIS 199 apiece, or NIS 599 for a set of four. Candles are a nice way to create a special atmosphere, and Kassel Candles has a wide range that smell delicious and look decorative. Even havdala candles don't have to be purely functional anymore, as Kassel came up with several new twists on an old theme. Among the different havdala candles you can find big white ones, handmade from natural beeswax, with spices (cloves and myrrh) on the side, which look great and smell delicious. A small one is NIS 69 and a bigger one is NIS 89. Also available are the more traditional-looking braided havdala candles in several colors, or white ones with a blue Star of David.