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A colleague who is a long-time Clinique three-stepper was somewhat disappointed by the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, to be used instead of the soap bar. (photo credit: )
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A colleague loved the Carita Powder Emulsion fluid cream for combination skin in the Ideal Controle line. It smelled light, fresh and elegant with undertones of green tea. She had tried other oil-free moisturizers before, but this was really in a different league. It disappeared into the skin and actually provided moisture and elasticity, while a lot of the cheaper versions of creams for combination skin either don't soak into your skin immediately, or do, but don't moisturize. This was deemed seriously addiction worthy; a 50 ml. jar is NIS 404. Also available in this line are a Powder Lotion, a gel-mousse and a mask. Fly Foot is another Israeli company making comfort shoes, mostly Swedish-style clogs, but in their new winter collection you can also find closed comfortable walking shoes. The shoes have a Self-Fit insole, which adjusts its shape to your foot as you walk. The bright red Swedish clogs with a little strap on top that I tried looked nice enough for everyday use, and the insole felt very comfortable indeed, but the shoes actually hurt on top of my toes. I also prefer closed shoes as my winter footwear, not clogs. The prices for the Fly Foot collection for women vary from NIS 280 to NIS 330; the shoes also come in half-sizes, and some models come in three different widths as well. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men eau de toilette features the popular and sexy singer Enrique Iglesias on the packaging, stressing this is a scent for the modern man. The fragrance was liked by male and female colleagues who caught a whiff, and one colleague stated it has a masculine, almost woody-musky fragrance, not sweet at all. The scent is supposed to evoke pink grapefruits, black licorice, sandalwood and saffron. This may be true, but it was pleasant, not over-powerful, though it wafted away quickly and had no staying power. A 50 ml. bottle is NIS 230, and 100 ml. is NIS 350. The Nivea Revitalising Eye Relief Q10 eye cream for men felt oilier than some of the top of the line eye creams, according to a colleague. But it was soothing and left his under eyes soft and feeling good. His eyes must be tough customers, though, because he didn't feel as if the Q-10 got rid of the bags or tightened up his skin like some other eye creams do. The cream gives a good feeling and the price, NIS 85 for a 15 ml. bottle, is reasonable, but it didn't really change the look of the eyes. The first thing that struck a friend who tried the L'Ore'al Volume Shocking mascara was the unusual shape of this product. It is a sort of rhombus-shaped package with ends coming to a point - certainly not discreet in size. Half the package is a silver color and contains the lash defining base coat, a silvery-gray color which has a brush on the end. The black side of the package contains the volume constructing top coat, unusual in that there was not a brush but a small comb with extremely short teeth. This product was not as easy to put on as other two-stage mascaras she tried. The end result was extremely long and thick lashes, which she personally didn't care for much. This is definitely mascara for women who like the thick look; the price for Volume Shocking mascara is NIS 110. A colleague who is a long-time Clinique three-stepper (first wash with the soap, then apply toner, then moisturizing lotion) was somewhat disappointed by the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, to be used instead of the soap bar. Although it is less messy to keep on the bathroom sink, it is hard to wash off and doesn't really allow for using variable amounts. In the pump format, you push down, get too much soap and are then stuck trying to rinse it off for way too long. Her verdict: stick with the bar. The liquid facial soap is available in three versions: mild, extra-mild and oily skin formula; a 200 ml. bottle is NIS 105.