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If you don't feel like baking in the sun but still want a nice tan, a self-tanning cream might be the solution.

clarins cream 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
clarins cream 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
If you don't feel like baking in the sun but still want a nice tan, a self-tanning cream might be the solution. The Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream smells a little like chocolate liqueur - not something I particularly care for - but at least it's not such a strong chemical smell. The cream's caramel color will help you apply it evenly without missing a spot (you inevitably will, though, unless you're very, very experienced!). The cream contains a type of cocoa butter called "unsaponifiables," that supposedly prevents premature skin aging, and thanks to a dash of aloe vera, it feels moisturizing. I applied the cream only on my body, not on my face, though you can use it for both; the result was a real nice tan that lasts for about a week, after which you can reapply (or earlier, if you want a deeper tan). The price for a 125-ml. jar, available at the SuperPharm chain, is NIS 185. If you still believe the simple application of a cream will cure your cellulite, try the new Elancyl Cellureverse. This slimming serum is supposed to tackle stubborn cellulite, and show results in just 14 days. The woman who hoped it would slim down her thighs a little reported it felt extremely pleasant, toned the skin, and absorbed quickly, but unfortunately didn't "remodel" the targeted areas. Cellureverse contains an extract of Sichuan pepper, which helps to burn fat; the serum smells refreshing, and the application feels pampering. A 100-ml. flacon (available at the SuperPharm chain), enough for a 14-day treatment, is NIS 249.95. Instead of wearing stockings to cover up unsightly veins on your legs or hide their white color, you can try Giora Shavit's Perfect Cover, a cream that will provide a nice color, without all the chemicals. The cream washes off and works as a kind of makeup for your legs. A woman with some spider veins on her legs thought it was easy to use and covered up what she wanted to be hidden; at any rate, this is certainly a good alternative to wearing stockings during the hot summer months. Giora Shavit Perfect Cover is available in five shades, and it is sold for NIS 223 in the Giora Shavit stores in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod and Kfar Saba. Sunleya Age Minimizing Sun Protection by Sisley is a face cream that supposedly enables the skin to protect itself from the sun's rays. The cream filters UV-rays, and it contains ingredients that reflect the light. The white cream rubs in easily without leaving a white layer on the skin, and smells deliciously of certain herbs, such as rosemary. You should apply it half an hour before exposure to the sun, and reapply every two hours. This sun protection is not cheap: A 50-ml. flacon is NIS 1,040. New sunscreen products from Dr. Fischer this year are a spray for kids containing SPF 30, which is fun to apply because it is blue when sprayed on the skin. After rubbing it in, the blue color disappears; 200 ml. is NIS 80. Another novelty is a sunscreen gel for men; the reason why men need something specifically for them is that their bodies are hairier and therefore it is harder to rub in the cream (which makes sense, at least for some men). The gel is easier to apply and absorbs right away; a 125-ml. bottle of Ultrasol Men is NIS 70. DSM, which stands for Dead Sea Minerals, has some relatively cheap sunscreens that offer a sun protection factor from 15 to 45, with prices ranging from NIS 30 to NIS 38 for a 250-ml. bottle. More expensive, but delicious to use and suitable for sensitive skin is the Avène spray with a sun protection factor of 20; a 200-ml. spray flacon is NIS 149.95. Specifically for hands, which also need good protection in order to avoid brown spots, Crêma has a cream called Daily Sun Defender, enriched with vitamin E, and containing an SPF of 15 (NIS 20). A summer blanket that looks attractive in your bedroom and feels wonderfully light and soft is the Formesse blanket, made with the climate-control fabric Tencel, and with aloe vera in the upper part. The blankets only come in single-size format, and cost NIS 349 at the Hollandia sleep stores. To cheer up your bedroom and bathroom, Vardinon has some beautiful items in the summer collection; for example the Juliet model beige or off-white towels with roses embroidered on the edge. The quality of the Vardinon towels is good, and they hold up well after many, many washes.