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The new Dior anti-aging products with the name Capture R60/80 XP, work to repair wrinkles thanks to an ingredient called Stemsone.

dior 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
dior 88
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L'Oreal Collagen Re-modeler, with the so-called Pro-Collagen Active ingredient, is supposed to protect the collagen in your skin from damaging effects of the environment, and therefore to keep your skin looking "lifted." A 50-something friend reported she liked the feel of the lotion, which was light and absorbed immediately. The pump dispenser is practical and lets you take what you need. If your skin needs something very rich, this lotion might not be sufficient, but it will do for most women. The price for a 50-ml. flacon is NIS 200. Moraz Polygonum Day Cream for dry skin, on the contrary, is a very rich cream that takes a little while to be completely absorbed into the skin. The polygonum plant is grown in Israel, and protects, balances and soothes the skin. The products derived from this plant are reported to have "holistic" qualities, although I'm not sure what that means. This cream is great if you suffer from dry or irritated skin, and feels very soothing, indeed. The price for a 50-ml. jar is NIS 149. Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion is intended for application under makeup to ensure a smooth - even matte - complexion. According to Clarins, the lotion works at the source of oil production, meaning that daily application will help to rebalance the skin's sebum glands and tighten pores. Our tester noticed the fresh, herbal smell (the lotion contains linden extract, Alpine Willow herb and Lantana) on first contact with the product. When applied to the skin, the lotion was very light, cool and easily absorbed, leaving no oily trace whatsoever. As for providing a matte complexion, it's a little hard to judge how effective the product is - some days it was more effective than others, perhaps as a result of environment, hormones or even weather. But it certainly provided a smooth moisturizing base for makeup. The price for 50 ml. is NIS 185. Clinique Repairwear Lift Firming Day Cream for dry combination skin was exactly what a friend with skin that has a tendency to be somewhat oily needed. She raved about this cream, which left the skin feeling moisturized without feeling heavy at all. Clinique Repairwear claims to have found a way to keep moisture levels in the skin steady, no matter what the temperature changes in our environment are. Clinique Repairwear Lift, also available in formulas for dry to very dry or oily skin, is NIS 440 for a 50-ml. jar. The new Dior anti-aging products with the name Capture R60/80 XP, which sounds like the name of a new computer navigation system, work to repair wrinkles thanks to an ingredient called Stemsone, which has something to do with stem cells. Don't let this clinical information scare you off, though, because our tester found the Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring day cream to be delicious, in both texture and smell. The cream was rich but absorbs fast, and leaves the skin with a smooth and luxurious feel. The price is that of a luxury product, as well: a 50-ml. jar is NIS 492. Gigi's Night and Lifting Cream with Vitamin E complex supposedly protects the skin from damaging free radicals in our environment, and leaves the skin supple and firm. The cream is rich and nourishing, and smells wonderful; it's meant for normal to dry skin. Gigi cosmetics are available at selected beauticians; a 50-ml. jar of the Night and Lifting cream is NIS 159.