Fashion hits and misses of 2010

A year in review: From camel coats and military boots to harem pants and jeggings, find out what topped our list and what sank to the bottom.

Harem pants 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Harem pants 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Each season, fashion designers roll out new styles, designs and colors. Some are bold, some are daring and some are just plain wrong. Here’s a look back at the major fashion trends that rocked the year 2010 and others that simply flopped.
The Military Trend (Fashion triumph)

Attention! The military style is a force to be reckoned with. From brass buttons to desert boots cropped and "army" jackets, this trend took the catwalk (and our closets) by storm this year. The versatility of the style and pieces gives us endless ways to incorporate the clothes into our wardrobes and our daily lives. 
Strike a pose
An eye for fashion
Harem pants (Fashion faux pas)

Tight at the top, tight at the ankles, puffy in between?  This unflattering style takes home first place as the ultimate fashion offender of 2010. Between the droopy crotch and elastic ankle bands, no body shape can possibly pull off this style in an attractive way. The style should have been limited to Aladdin and even he should have wished that his genie make these pants go far, far away!

Camel ( Fashion triumph)
Each season has its own version of a neutral color - and this fall/winter's was unmistakably camel! The big piece this season was of course the Camel Coat. However, this desert tone dominated in all areas of woman's beauty and fashion from camel toned shoes to eye shadows – the fall/winter 2010 will forever be defined by this classical nude shade.
High waist jeans (Fashion faux pas)

While some trends can make a comeback, this blast from the past tops our "fashion miss list." The style may look good on the runway; unfortunately it doesn’t suit anyone under 6 feet tall and in fact it is infamous for giving the allusion of added pounds on even the skinniest among us.

Flat boot (Fashion triumph)
Who doesn’t love to be a few inches taller, or make our legs look a little longer? While the majority of us would love to say that we would “suffer in the name of fashion”, the reality is that very few of us can (especially when trudging through the piles of snow and ice). The solution: this year's ever so fashionable over the knee flat boot. Not only are these “boots made for walkin', " but they go extremely well with our winter wardrobe – pair them with anything from skinny jeans and leggings to cute skirts with tights.
Jeggings  (Fashion faux pas)
While this cross between jeans and leggings was all the rage this year, many remain on the sideline as to whether this hybrid of a pant really works. Sure, we love leggings and skinny jeans - these 80's staple items look amazing on anyone, and can easily be paired with long t-shirts to sweater and from ballet flats and stiletto boots. While in theory the child of these two fashion giants should be a triumph, the style unfortunately doesn’t live up to it expectations.
Skinny jean ( Fashion triumph)
While the boot-cut and ‘classic’ cut jean were considered adorable in the 90’s, as soon as we entered the new millennium these cuts were instantly labeled “so last century.”  The resurrection of the 80s style gave birth to a new pair of jeans that women across the world instantly fell in love with – the skinny jean. While this cut is certainly not new to 2010, the recent launch of different colors – including grays and blacks – has propelled this jean straight up to the top of the this year’s fashion hit list.
Jump suit (Fashion faux pas)
After the age of two, no one should be wearing a one piece. However, unfortunately 2010 was the year where fashion designers tried to create clothing out of this style for full grown women. While paired with the right shoes and accessories, this groovy resurrection straight from the 70s seems intriguing on the runaway, in reality it just comes off as plain odd and even frumpy.
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