Summer Scents

A colleague claims that with the British eau de parfum Burberry London, she has found the perfect daytime fragrance.

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burberry perfume 88
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A colleague claims that with the British eau de parfum Burberry London, she has found the perfect daytime fragrance. Not overbearing, it is a sophisticated and light multifaceted fragrance with a touch of cedar combined with a whiff of blackcurrant. A definite head turner which lasts for hours, it is the perfect accessory for today's cosmopolitan woman, be she elegant, sporty or just plain down-to-earth. The bottle is elegant and wrapped in a piece of unmistakable Burberry plaid fabric - a sophisticated addition to anyone's dressing table; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 345 and 100 ml. is NIS 475. Clarins has a special limited edition of make-up for the summer, including a series of four Sun Sheer Lipsticks, a lip color and lip treatment in-one. The shade I tried, St. Tropez Sand, felt very nourishing and added a shimmery, light orange-brown color to the lips, which didn't last too long. Reapplying frequently is not a punishment, however, since with every application of the color you are moisturizing your lips as well. The other available colors are Caribbean cocoa, Miami pink and Riviera raspberry; the lipsticks are packed in cases with a summery orange shade??. The price for the Clarins Sun Sheer Lipstick, available at the SuperPharm chain, is NIS 99. Zegna's new eau de toilette for men has a "Design by Ducati" slogan on its black box, expressing the combination of forces of the Italian men's fashion house Zegna and the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati. Inside, the elegant bottle is filled with a purple perfume that has a classic musky aroma. The scent was a little sweet and strong for the taste of the person who tried it, but if you are the type of man who enjoys a heavier scent, you might want to give it a try. And in any case, the high-tech looking black bottle with blue logos is worth keeping! A 100 ml. bottle of this fragrance is NIS 372. Wella Safira is a new series of hair coloring kits that promises to provide a rich looking color that will also cover up gray hair. A friend was brave enough to try the plum color and found it very easy to use. Luckily, the plum didn't turn out as dark on her dark hair as it looked on the box, but covered her hair very nicely, with just a hint of a reddish glow. The Safira kits also contain a color refresher shampoo that you have to use two weeks and four weeks after coloring your hair; the price for the Wella Safira hair coloring kits is NIS 50. My girls, who do a pretty good imitation of the Pnina featured in the Eretz Nehederet television satire, were happy with the new Pnina Rosenblum shampoo and conditioner for kids (this time, as opposed to her other shampoos, not featuring a picture of Pnina herself). The detangling shampoo and conditioner contain neroli oil, Vitamin E and silicone and have a faint smell of rosemary, like many other kids' shampoos and conditioners; the rosemary is supposed to ward off head lice (don't count on it). A 500 ml. bottle of the shampoo is NIS 20, and the conditioner is NIS 18. The new L'Oreal True Match powder foundation supposedly blends in perfectly with your natural skin color and texture, providing a natural coverage. A friend found the application of the creamy powder a little tricky and you need enough light when putting it on to check for any visible powder residues. The creamy texture was judged to be a little heavy, but the Golden Beige shade looked natural. True Match is available in four different shades, and costs NIS 120.