Summertime, and the saving is easy

If you do need to buy make-up and want to know whether it will improve your love life, this is your lucky time of year.

The SuperSol chain is offering some good summer deals to those who spend NIS 50 or more at the store. Those who spend this amount can choose from a travel bag on wheels with a pull-out handle for NIS 40, a set of six glasses for NIS 6.90, or a white T-shirt for NIS 7.90. The travel bag comes in four colors, and is the right size for the overhead compartment of an airplane. These deals are valid until the end of the month. Tupperware is celebrating its 13th year in Israel with some special offers which make these expensive utensils more affordable. The item called "the quick chef," which cuts and/or mixes fruit, vegetables, creams and salad sauces, is now NIS 189 instead of NIS 245, and the special nine-liter container that keeps fruit and vegetables crisp is now NIS 129 instead of NIS 169. In addition, if you buy one of these items, you can get a salad dryer for NIS 149 instead of NIS 227. The deal is valid until August 6; to find out where to get Tupperware, call 1-800-780-800. BurgerRanch has a special menu for the nine days before Tisha Be'Av, during which religious Jews don't eat meat. The VeggieRanch burger, a soy-based hamburger, is served in a bun with vegetables during July and August. The VeggieRanch is sold for NIS 18.50, or can be part of a VeggieRanch meal at NIS 31.90. Besides the VeggieRanch burger, the chain sells vegetarian food such as Taputop, a baked potato in mushroom-broccoli sauce, for NIS 14.90, and Ranch Salad for NIS 12.80. If you do need to buy make-up and want to know whether it will improve your love life, this is your lucky time of year. If you spend NIS 87 or more on Soft Touch products at the SuperPharm chain, you can buy a DVD for NIS 12. On this DVD you will find information about your personality, love life, career, family, etc., all relating to your zodiac sign. This deal is offered until the end of July. Are you worried about pesticides on your fruits and vegetables? You could of course buy organic, but this option might be too expensive. Shion Domestik now has a cleaning liquid that promises to get rid of all the dirt, germs and pesticides. You will need to soak produce in water with the disinfecting liquid mixed in for about five minutes. The only problem was that I couldn't find anything on the bottle describing what the liquid consists of; a one-liter bottle, available at selected supermarkets, is NIS 9.90. If you want to add a special summer fragrance to your laundry, try Soft Sod laundry softener with the scent of jasmine. This softener is only available during the summer, in an economy-size bottle of four liters for NIS 25. You will recognize the fragrance by the yellow bottle and cap. During the summer months, a lot of people move, and will have to paint their new apartment. For those who want to feel like professional painters, Yacobi has a new paint called Color Mix that you can blend with acrylic, synthetic, plastic or water-based paints to achieve the right color. You can buy the bottle and mix the paint yourself, or you can use the paint as is to decorate a little corner, for example. You can choose from 17 colors, each one coming in six shades; a 250 ml. bottle is NIS 22, and a 750 ml. bottle is NIS 44. Barkan now also has arms for flat-screen plasma and LCD televisions. You can choose from three different models suitable for up to 63-inch screens; they carry up to 80 kilos. The sets come with instructions which should enable you to install them yourself; prices start at NIS 149. You can find Barkan television arms in do-it-yourself stores and electrical appliance outlets. Until the end of the month, you can buy a combination of a television arm for a 21-inch regular television and another arm for a DVD or video player for NIS 230 at Ace DIY stores. Those on a diet who need extra help can try the new SupHerb package consisting of Diet Guard Formula pills and Aero-Power pills, which will give you energy when doing aerobics. The Diet Guard pills promise to speed up the weight-losing process and make you feel less hungry. The package is not cheap, though - NIS 292.30 for two bottles of Diet Guard and one bottle of Aero-Power. Hawaii now also has a special shampoo and conditioner for the summer months, especially suitable for the Israeli heat. The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with rose extract and almond milk, giving extra moisturizer to the hair, which can be dry or damaged from sun and chlorine. The summer shampoo and conditioner are available for a limited period only in two versions - one for regular hair and one for dry and colored hair; a 700 ml. bottle is NIS 15. Until the end of the month, you will be able to buy beach items such as toe slippers for NIS 6 when buying two Hawaii items. A lot of children's rooms are being redesigned before the school year starts, and if this involves buying a new bed, both Simons and Aeroflex offer a good deal. If you buy a sleep sofa from the Simons Style series, you get a coupon worth NIS 350 at Office Depot, a good place for school supplies. The deal is valid until the end of August; the prices for sleep sofas vary from NIS 2,990 to NIS 6,200. If you prefer the new Young-and-a-Half Aeroflex extra wide youth beds, you will get an egg-shaped mini-refrigerator, available in red, white or blue and worth NIS 595, for free. These beds have adjustable backs and come with a remote control; the deal is valid until the end of July. Colgate has a new line of toothbrushes for children called Colgate Smiles, available in three sizes. The smallest one is for kids aged zero to two, the medium one for ages two to five, and the bigger one for kids five and up. All these brushes are very colorful and decorated with pretty designs such as fish, frogs or soccer balls, and are easy to hold. One Colgate Smiles toothbrush is NIS 17. Scholl has a whole line of products to treat your feet - especially nice during the summer, when skin is exposed and can get rough and hard, and feet sweat more. The line consists of moisturizing cream, foot scrub, foot spray and insoles, among others. New are Party Feet gel cushions, meant to be worn in high-heel shoes or sandals. These invisible gel cushions stick to the shoes, and will prevent pain in the balls of your feet caused by standing for a long time. The gel cushions can be washed and used again; a pair cost NIS 50. Neka Sheva has developed a new line of bath products for babies. The Softcare line consists of shampoo, soap-and-shampoo in one, and three different bath soaps. All products are especially suitable for a baby's soft skin, contain vitamin E, and have a pH balance of 5.5. A one-liter bottle of any Softcare product is NIS 22.