Dove has launched a new series of nourishing or firming body lotions.

Beauty items Upfront July 1 EVA BEN-DAVID Thierry Mugler has three new versions of his Angel perfume, all based on a different flower. A colleague liked the look of the translucent pink, sharp-edged, seemingly sculpted, yet oh-so-feminine bottle of Lily Angel. The fragrance itself, billed as sweet and mysterious, pure yet seductive, proved to be somewhat too sweet for her taste, but she definitely wants to keep this bottle in her bedroom. The two other Angel fragrances are Violet Angel and Peony Angel; a 25 ml. (refillable) bottle of eau de parfum is NIS 335, and a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 445. A colleague who tried the Revlon Fabulash Mascara found it to be clump-free, as advertised, and to leave lashes soft and silky, but its lash-maximizing formula, while increasing thickness, does not add 100% volume, as the packaging claims. However, the "clump-free technology for beautifully separated lashes," thanks to the Lash Perfecting Brush, appears to do the trick. The Fabulash mascara is now available at an introductory price of NIS 65, instead of NIS 90. Every time I buy shoes or sandals for my six-year-old girl, they look dirty and worn-out in no time, no matter what I try. The new Source sandals I bought for her, however, withstood the test of daily life in kindergarten, with lots of jumping, playing in the sand and monkey-bar climbing. The sandals have three adjustable straps, so you can make them fit perfectly. The Source sandals are more sporty looking - they don't come in pink with butterflies, for example - but my daughter loved the sunflower design on the straps, even more so after her friend got the same pair. The sandals are great for hiking, too, and even walking in water won't hurt them. Source sandals are available for NIS 159 at Rikushet, Lemetayel and Mega Sport, and in selected shoe stores. Jade's Hydra Essential Anti-Stress moisturizing day cream is meant for dry to very dry skin, and is supposed to diminish signs of fatigue and ageing. A friend's mother, who has dry skin, loved the feel and smell of the cream, and she felt good about the fact that it prevents sun damage, too, with an SPF of 15. The price, compared to other brands, is reasonable - a 50 ml. jar is NIS 179.90. Ahava now makes nail products, enriched with Dead Sea minerals. My nails, which break and split easily, profited from the calcium- and magnesium-enriched nail hardener, which made them stronger in addition to giving them a little shine. The disadvantage is that you're supposed to take it off every day and then reapply for four weeks, after which you weekly treatments are recommended. Frankly, this is a bit of a pain, but hopefully, it's worth the trouble. Also new is the cuticle cream, which promises to soften coarse, thick cuticles. Ideally, it should be applied twice a day, especially before bedtime. The cuticle cream leaves the area around the nail feeling soft and well cared for, but twice a day was too much to keep up with. Ahava nail hardener is NIS 64 for 15 ml., and Ahava cuticle cream is NIS 49.90 for the same amount. Dove has launched a new series of nourishing or firming body lotions, containing either a nutri-serum or seaweed extract and ceramides. The firming lotion I tried felt and smelled delicious, although the fragrance was not overbearing and disappeared quickly. The seaweed extracts and ceramides are supposed to help firm and tighten the skin, something I didn't really notice, but the lotion felt luxurious. And this little luxury is affordable, which cannot be said about all the firming creams on the market; a 250 ml. bottle is NIS 21. Dove also makes an Intensive Firming Gel Cream you can use specifically on problem areas; a 200 ml. tube is NIS 28.
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