Ask the Barman: High rise drinking at Duplex

Keeping it cool on the long summer nights in Herzilya Pituah, Tanya Benshushan talks about messy cocktails and her childhood crush on John Travolta.

Tanya Benshushan, Duplex Bar 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Tanya Benshushan, Duplex Bar 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
When not buried in her books as a serious student in Emek Hefer, Tanya Benshushan can be found on the coolest rooftop in Herzilya Pituah serving up classy drinks.
Duplex Bar, which overlooks the beach, is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a cold drink after a long day. Tanya takes charge of the bar most nights and effortlessly charms the locals with her infectious smile.
Spending time around her mother’s bar and family winery in South Africa gave her a thirst for entering the world of bartending, and four years on, she hasn’t looked back.
The daughter of a South African English teacher, Tanya enjoys being a student and a bartender but can’t wait to move on to the bright lights of Tel Aviv.
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
How did you get into bartending?
Well, I like drinking and like parties so it just kind of happened.
How long have you been doing it?
Since I was 18.
Who would be your ideal customer?
Nice, polite people. Big tippers are also good.
Which famous person would you want to come and sit at your bar?
John Travolta.
Why him?
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
I've been in love with him since I was a little girl. But just so you know, I am not in love with him anymore.
What drink would you serve him?
I would ask him what he wants and make sure he enjoys it.
What is your favorite drink to serve in general?
I think it is a refined drink.
What is your least favorite drink to serve?
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
I hate serving cocktails.
They involve lots of work and they are messy. You also need to spend time cleaning up after making them.
How many people a night try to hit on you?
Well it depends on the night.  But there are always people who try.
What is the worst thing about being a bartender?
Some people are just not nice. Also,
Photo: Yoni Cohen
Photo: Yoni Cohen
it’s really dirty work. My shoes are always filthy. And its actually really hard work sometimes; you have to pick up heavy things and there's  a lot of carrying involved.
Is all that hard work worth it?
Yes it is – I love my job.
Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to be a bartender?
Smile and be happy. It really is not so hard - you can learn it on the job.
Duplex, 1 HaEtzel Street, (corner of Ramat Yam) Herziliya Pituch.
Open Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. till the last person leaves; Friday and Saturday 2 p.m. till the last person leaves.