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Gaya dish 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gaya dish 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Celebrated local chef Yisrael Aharoni said many years ago that if you would ask anyone in Israel about what constitutes Jewish food, the answer would have been kreplach, chopped liver and gefilte fish.
Since then, however, has come the realization that Jews in every country had their own traditional foods, with kashrut and hamin or cholent as key common culinary denominators among European, North African and Asian Jews. This great fusion only adds to the rich cultural connection between Jews and their food. In general, Israel has come a long way over the past quarter of a century in terms of food and it still remains a central focus for Jews around the world whether it be in everyday life or during festivals and holidays.
With food being such an important part of Jewish culture, we decided the food and wine category merits some streamlining, and we are happy to introduce the fruits of our labor.
The page features various columns and features delving into the world of kosher food, Israeli cuisine and new exciting restaurants.
In her column "Chosen Bites," chef Laura Frankel gives her twist on some classic recipes as well as providing new and innovative ideas in the kitchen.
"Green Eats" offers some great ideas for those looking to increase their intake of those healthy things we like to call vegetables.
For those looking for some slightly more traditional kosher recipes, then provides just the ticket.
If wine is just as important to you as food, then wine expert Adam Montefiore's "Wine Talk" is all you will need for all the latest news and recommendations about Israeli wines.
We also have a whole host of guest writers who share their top class recipes as well review some of the best restaurants throughout the country.
The newly introduced Food Index allows you to search our interactive database full of recipes. Kosher recipes can be found easily in the special section which has a whole host of interesting offerings. Either search by topic or keyword to find the recipe that you are looking for. The recipes are divided into subcategories for ease of use.

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