Out and About: Top 10 things to do

Top 10 things to do the week of April 5, 2012.

Zola Jesus 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Zola Jesus 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
1) FILM WRATH OF THE TITANS The epic battle between the Titans and the gods continues in this sequel set 10 years after the events in Clash of the Titans, as Perseus (Sam Worthington) descends into the underworld on a mission to rescue Zeus from the clutches of Hades (Ralph Fiennes), Ares (Edgar Ramirez), and Kronos.
At selected cinemas throughout the country.
2) FESTIVALS GOOD ROCKIN’ DOWN BELOW Passover often marks the beginning of sunny weather. This, together with the week-long vacation the festival affords, makes it an ideal time for the numerous outdoor events and festivals occurring throughout the country during the holiday period. A highlight of these is the four-day Dead Sea Ahava festival featuring nature walks, horseback riding, jeep rides, kayaking in the Dead Sea and more during the day. Meanwhile, performances by some of Israel’s top musicians will keep guests entertained in the evenings. Yehuda Poliker and Ehud Banai, with veteran rock band Mashina (pictured), are among those scheduled to appear.
Runs Sunday through Wednesday, www.dead-sea.org.il
3) SABRA SONGS The annual Yemei Zemer Festival will take place at the Holon Theater on Passover. As usual the four-day event will be chock-full of stars and intriguing projects which stretch across a wide spectrum of genres and stylistic approaches. There will also be salutes to some of our iconic musical figures, including a show based on works by the late iconic songsmith Moshe Wilensky.
The rest of the festival agenda reads like a roll call of the leading figures of the Israeli pop and rock industry, including the likes of Efrat Gosh, Yehonatan Gefen, Shlomi Shaban and Ruti Navon.
Runs Sunday through Wednesday, 11 Kugel Street, www.hth.co.il.
4) FLOWER POWER Over the Passover holiday the expansive 30-acre Hecht Park in Haifa will be hosting what is slated to be the largest international flower show Israel has ever seen.
Dutch and Israeli designers have been working together to create the event, geared not just toward flower enthusiasts, but the whole family. Thousands of flowers from all over the globe are being flown in from Holland’s world-famous market. Visitors may revel in the various artistic activities and exhibits, including a sculpture and herb garden; flower carpets; topiary gardens; a flower market; planting and seeding workshops; and environmental workshops.
Runs Sunday through April 14, www.haifaflower.co.il
5) THEATERNETTO Theater lovers can look forward to a two-day international theater festival taking place in Old Jaffa. The heart of TheaterNetto is still a competition, but guest plays, plays for children, the student-mounted “Hyde Park” performances outside, and various arts events throughout Old Jaffa have all been added over the years. There are eight original plays in competition, featuring themes of wanting and loss. They include Sara Shilo’s No Dwarves Will Come and Brilliant, written and performed by Leni Shafir. In Hebrew.
Runs Monday through Wednesday, Arab- Hebrew Theater, 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street, Old Jaffa
6) MIXED BAG FREEDOM FAIR Tel Aviv’s renowned Nahlat Binyamin artsand- crafts fair celebrates the Festival of Freedom with an impressive selection of handmade gifts, street performances, musicians and more.
Runs Sunday through April 16, www.nachalat- binyamin.com
7) KIDS MUSEUM MADNESS Bring the whole family to celebrate Passover together at the Tower of David Museum.
Children can enjoy a brand new theatrical journey following time travelers back in history to see how Jerusalem welcomed pilgrims throughout the ages. Also included are creative- arts workshops and story telling. In Hebrew.
Runs throughout Passover, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem. (02) 626-5333 or www.towerofdavid.org.il.
8) DANCE NEW-AGE ANTICS Feel like escaping the city this Passover? The Liat Dror Nir Bengal Dance Company has organized the three-day Adama Festival of dance and movement, most of which is taking place in the open space of the desert. One can choose from a variety of workshops including free dance, yoga, Pilates and even juggling.
There will also be classes and master classes with professional dancers from the company, as well as special dance workshops for children.
Runs Monday through Wednesday, Hangar Adama, Mitzpe Ramon, 08) 659-5190 or adama.org.il.
9) EXHIBIT FACES OF CAIN: Ben-Gurion University’s latest exhibition explores how 30 Israeli artists, past and present, relate to the concept of the “mark of Cain” (stigma) and broader contexts, starting with the biblical story and its versions in the midrash as well as Christian and Muslim texts, to the image of Cain as a pre-figuration of the Wandering Jew.
Some of the artists include Eyal Adler Kelner, Micha Bar Am,Vardi Kahana and Adi Nes. Ongoing through June 10, www.bgu.ac.il
10) HOLY ZOLA Zola Jesus is the stage name of Russian-American singer/songwriter Nika Roza Danilova. Danilova started singing early on, buying voice lesson tapes and opera sheet music at the age of seven. At 10 she began singing opera publicly. Having released three full-length albums, combining electronic, industrial, classical, goth, and experimental rock influences, she has received generally positive reviews and is regarded as one of the names to watch out for in 2012. Catch her as she performs at Tel Aviv’s Zappa Club.
April 14, 9 p.m., www.zappaclub.co.il