Shopping for gifts for friends and family at Pessah?

Take the safe option: Wine and perfume are winners with everybody.

Pessah gift basket  311 (photo credit: courtesy)
Pessah gift basket 311
(photo credit: courtesy)
Where are you for the Seder night? This is the one question all Israelis ask each other this time of year. If you are lucky enough to be invited, you must bring at least one present to your hosts. My grandfather used to bring the same chocolate thins every year for Pessah, and I still think they were the best chocolates I ever had. But nowadays one must bring more. Many wine stores and wineries now offer gift boxes that include wine and chocolate, as well as olive oil and many delicacies.
Bin 281, the new wine shop in town, offers many choices in wooden boxes and baskets with selections of wine, chocolate and more. At Rehov Dizengoff 281, Tel Aviv. Superdrink is an establishment in Ramat Hasharon. Yoav Ya’ar, the owner, was one of the first to open a store specializing in wine in Israel. He has been preparing gift baskets for many years and each year he adds new surprises. Baskets will be arranged to your specific requests, from NIS 30 to NIS 850. Rehov Ussishkin 45, Ramat Hasharon, (03) 549-8808, [email protected]
There are many gift boxes and specials that the wineries themselves have prepared for Pessah: Binyamina Winery, for one, offers boxes with little gifts. We liked the set of personal glass markers that came with two bottles, a good idea if you are not sure whose glass is it after you’ve had a few (two bottles plus set of rings NIS 85).
Look for more options at wine stores and supermarkets. Tulip, the winery that employs disabled people from Kfar Hatikva, offers boxes with wines and other produce of the Jezreel Valley such as olive oil, jam, honey, vinegar and a Haggada illustrated by children in foster homes. Price range: NIS 50 to NIS 200 and more. Call (04) 983-0573,
Tavor Winery has launched a few new wines for Pessah at NIS 120 for a pair, at all wine stores. Buy two or more of its wines and you can enter a raffle with amazing prices including trip in a hot-air balloon and wine refrigerators.
Teperberg Winery offers a special holiday collection of wines that suit the Seder dinner and will be loved by those preferring sweeter wines. NIS 35 to NIS 60, at all wine stores.
New scents have arrived in time for the holiday. Bringing a perfumed gift to the ladies is a nice gesture and you can find gift boxes in almost all pharmacies and cosmetic shops.
April, the cosmetic chain presents a new collection of the boutique perfume house Tocca, which means “touch” in Italian.
Very European, subtle romantic scent in heavy, old-fashioned glass bottles, with gold plated caps, there are four different scents: Florence, Colette, Cleopatra and Stella. NIS 330 for the eau-deperfume, 50 ml., only at April stores. DKNY is also presenting a new scent, DKNY Women Energizing, a perfume inspired by the spirit and energy of New York City. Based on the original DKNY scent, the new version is lighter, with noticeable citrus, vodka and tomato, water lily, daffodils and tulip – modern and timeless, in a crystal bottle designed as a skyscraper. NIS 280 for 50 ml., NIS 370 for 100 ml. Call Perfume the discount perfume store has launched for the holiday many gift packs, including a very special Lalique perfume and scented candle in an exclusive package. The Lalique bottles are designed in the signature art-deco style and the candle is encased in a glass with the same design. NIS 199 for the box., 1-800-771-771.
Chic Spa
has added new scents to its collection. All the spa after-shower sprays are based on herbal oils and minerals, and have clean scents such as vanilla patchouli, lavender and musk (NIS 76 at selected shops). The Jonas Brothers, pop stars and TV personalities, are a hit among young kids, so much so that Disney has launched a perfume carrying their picture and names. Jonas for girls is made in Spain and is very young and sweet. NIS 80 for 100 ml., available in Toys R Us, The Red Pirate, SuperPharm, April, H&O, New Pharm and more.
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