Food Tidbits

Zeta is launching a new version of its premium extra virgin olive oil called Kena'an, made from Syrian and Barnea olives.

Zeta is launching a new version of its premium extra virgin olive oil called Kena'an, made from Syrian and Barnea olives. The bottle has a special stopper with a spout, allowing you to pour the exact amount of olive oil without spilling any and making the bottle oily. As much thought goes into the design of olive oil bottles and labels nowadays as bottles of wine, and a 750 ml. Kena'an sells at NIS 39. The Golan Moscato 2005 is a sweet white dessert wine that can also be drunk as a refreshing aperitif, served cold, of course. This slightly bubbly wine is made in the style of the Italian Moscato D'asti, and it is not too sweet; so even if you prefer a dry white wine, you might enjoy this one. A bottle of Moscato 2005 is NIS 30-32. Hellmann's has a new spread called Dijonnaise, a combo Dijon mustard and mayonnaise spread. Dijonnaise comes in a squeeze-bottle for easy usage; the bottle stands on its "head," so you can get every last bit out. A 302 gr. bottle is NIS 10.35. Yoplait White has some new yogurts that, besides being tasty, supposedly give you some extra health benefits. The new Yoplait White yogurts are sweetened yogurts with plum or red grapefruit on the bottom of the tub, containing 1.2% fat, and yogurt with granola, containing 2% fat. The yogurts supposedly improve digestion, help the body burn fat, and strengthen the immune system. A tub of White yogurt with granola is NIS 3.24, and a tub of White yogurt with plum or grapefruit is NIS 3.12. The Tekoa mushroom farm sells packages of dried mushrooms that can be used in soup, sauces, omelets, or any dish you fancy (although for a salad, fresh mushrooms are better); this is definitely a good item to have handy at home. You will need to soak the mushrooms for 10 minutes in boiling water before use. The four different varieties are oyster mushroom (NIS 11), Shiitake mushroom (NIS 8), Porcini mushroom (NIS 15), or champignon mushroos (NIS 8). The Mahlebene producers of dairy products have some very refreshing yogurt drinks in different fruity flavors. The Mahlebene yogurt drinks come in strawberry, cherry, forest fruits, and orange. The drinks are available at the Tiv Ta'am supermarkets at NIS 4.39 for a 250 gr. tub. Tapuz C is the name of squeezed orange drinks that can be kept non-refrigerated for up to seven months. The drinks contain 100% fruit, no preservatives, and no added water or sugar. New flavors, besides the original orange juice, grapefruit juice, and orange-banana juice, are orange-strawberry and pomelit juice. A one liter bottle of Tapuz C is NIS 10-12. A company known for its gourmet products, St. Dalfour has a new addition on the Israeli market - cranberry with blueberry jam. The jam is made from 100% fruit, with no added sugar, food colorings, or preservatives. A 284 gr. jar of St. Dalfour jam (also available with other fruits) is NIS 14.90. Those who love the Milki chocolate desserts can now enjoy an extra-large version of this treat, the Milki Xtra. The extra-large tub of milk chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top is NIS 2.96.