To help you stay in shape, Telma has a new version of Branflakes breakfast cereals with no added sugar.

To help you stay in shape, Telma has a new version of Branflakes breakfast cereals with no added sugar. The Branflakes - whole wheat flakes with bran - are rich in dietary fiber and folic acid, and are enriched with six vitamins, calcium and iron. One portion of Branflakes, without any additions such as sugar or fruit, will set you back only 65 calories; a 500 gr. package is NIS 20. Another new type of healthy breakfast cereal with bran is Kellogg's All-Bran Fruit'n Fibre. These whole wheat flakes come with added dried fruit, making it a tasty enough breakfast to eat by itself. The added fruits are coconut, banana, apples, raisins and nuts. A 375 gr. package is NIS 24. Wissotzky has added two new flavors to its series of green teas: green tea with lemon and honey, and green tea with mint. The teas are supposedly rich in anti-oxidants, helping you stay healthy. A package of 25 tea bags is NIS 17.90. The new snack kaduronim (little balls) by Osem was a big hit with my daughters. The snacks, which come in barbecue, grill and pizza flavor, were finished off in no time; a 50 gr. bag is NIS 4.55. Alpro's soy milk is now available in a light version, containing only 1.2% fat and less calories than the regular version (30 calories per 100 ml.). The light soy milk comes in the flavor mango-pineapple, and costs NIS 13.90 for a one-liter carton. For those who like to bake their own chocolate chip cookies, Carmit now has dark chocolate chips, produced under the label Carmit Chef. The chocolate chips, which are parve, can be used for baking, but also for decoration; a 300 gr. bag is NIS 10. Beit HaShitta has small cans of olives, good for those moments when you don't want to open a big can. The available mini-portions are green pitted olives and garlic-flavored olives; the price for a mini-can is NIS 4. A new type of bread on the shelves is the Omega-3 whole wheat bread baked by the Davidovitz bakery. The bread will add some essential Omega-3 fat to your daily diet, and it is baked solely with whole wheat, ground shortly before baking; the Omega-3 bread is available in the supermarkets for NIS 9. Osem's little biscuits in different flavors are all delicious, and now there is also a whole wheat version, rich in dietary fibers, allowing you to enjoy them with an easier conscience; a 240 gr. package is NIS 6.20.
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