Leap into a deal

For those celebrating a "dog's birthday" on February 29, several Tel Aviv restaurants offer special deals.

burger 224.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
burger 224.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Annoying as it may be for those born on February 29 to be able to celebrate their birthday only once every four years, this year a handful of Tel Aviv restaurants and cafes are offering special deals to compensate these "leap babies." Just be sure to bring some ID, because that's how you prove such things in our day and age. The Indira Indian restaurant (4 Shaul Hamelech, [03] 695-4437) is offering first-course versions of a number of their main courses for the applicable low price of NIS 29. Dishes include chicken tandoori, Rasmi chicken skewers, Alo Faulk (spinach with potato or peas), Bona Gaush (beef, tomato and onion), fish curry and more. The new burger joint Homeburger (137 Ibn Gvirol [03] 544-8282) wants to be sure that those folks brave enough to admit friendship with one of these "leap baby" freaks among us will have what to eat. So from 6 p.m. they are offering their 160-gram burger to anyone for the low, low price of NIS 29. However, it still pays to be special, since if it is your birthday, your burger is free. Should you want to be a bit more celebratory, you are probably in the mood to drink your once-every-four-year birthday away. Your first option then is Tchernihofski 6 (5 Tchernihofski, [03] 620-8729) where, with the purchase of a first and main course, you will receive a bottle of sparkling wine on the house. First courses include such delectable dishes as black lentil soup with porcini foam and roasted chestnut and cinta salad, while tantalizing main dish offerings include veal patties with Parmesan, mashed potatoes and steamed greens, and chicken with polenta and apple chutney. The Italian restaurant Allora (60 Rothschild Boulevard, [03] 566-5655) is offering a free cocktail of hot apple cider with Calvados brandy to the birthday boy or girl and the very same beverage to his or her friends for NIS 29. And, finally, what would a birthday be without a fine dessert? At Marmorek (10 Marmorek Street, (03) 685-0194), beginning at 8 p.m., first dine on their hamburger for NIS 29, then enjoy a dessert - Pavlova, crème brulee, chocolate soufflé or apple pie with ice cream. Also, at the Nona Coffee Bar (44 Ibn Gvirol Street, [03] 696-6365) the 24-hour establishment is offering each birthday diner a free homemade dessert from midnight to midnight on their special day. The spectacular array of options are poppy seed, carrot and chocolate cakes, brownies, chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and crème brulee giving rise to the suspicion that this might be a place worth checking out even if your birthday is as boring as a day that comes around every year.