Leo and Molly have a lovely daughter

Refined food, high-end drinks and jazz at just the right volume.

milly (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Some bars in Tel Aviv have a certain magnetism. You walk in and say, "This is a cool place." One such bar is Milly's Bar, Tel Aviv's third cocktail lounge, which recently opened in the hi-tech center of Ramat Hachayal. Milly's is the "daughter" of the Irish pubs Leo Blooms and Molly Blooms, as it was founded by the same owners. Actually, Milly's is named after Leopold and Molly's daughter in Irish author James Joyce's novel Ulysses. The quiet Milly's shares its kitchen with the loud Leo located around the corner, but their atmospheres couldn't be more different. Milly's black tinted doors hide a warmly designed lounge marked by detailed lighting and inviting, cushioned seating areas surrounding an oval bar. At least on a low-key weekday, the environment is relaxed, pleasant and exclusive. Groovy jazz streams out of the speakers at just the right volume to create a setting for romance, intimate conversation and sophisticated flirtation. The upscale business neighborhood is a fitting locale for this upscale, stylish lounge. The meticulously prepared cocktails run at the high end (between NIS 36 and NIS 52), but they are made with premium alcohol and fresh ingredients. Milly's serves an eclectic choice of tapas and entrees, some of which, like the roast beef and potatoes, can satisfy those in a "meat and potatoes" mood; others, such as red tuna ceviche or shrimp bruschetta, suit those who want to feel fancy. The key is to make your selection wisely. But if you want something a little less refined, like fries and Shepherd's pie or a burger with an overflowing glass of beer, you can always pop around the corner to Leo Bloom's. Milly's Bar, 24 Raoul Wallenberg Street, Ramat Hachayal (Ziv Towers). Music: '50s, '60s, '70s fringe, acid jazz, ambient . From 8 p.m; ages 25+