Concert Review: Dolev Foundation benefit

Hadag Nahash started off with a bang. Accompanied by music legend Ahuva Ozeri, the group got the audience jumping.

Dolev Foundation benefit Barby Club Tel Aviv December 23 When I met Nava Rogel, CEO of the Dolev Foundation, at the benefit concert the foundation organized at Tel Aviv's Barby Club, I was struck with awe. She's the type who wants "to change the country," as she says with complete confidence. And I believe her. The Dolev Foundation for Medical Justice was founded after Keren Dolev, battling lymphoma, was denied treatment because her sick-fund covered other types of cancer - but not hers. Dolev died at 27. As a result, her loved ones established an association to work through judicial and parliamentary channels to obtain medical justice and equality in treatment, consultation and judicial representation for the sick and their families. "We don't want people to be afraid to be ill and to grow old with honor," says Rogel. The concert itself was an incredible display of Israel's finest rockers. Hadag Nahash, although late due to traffic from Jerusalem, started off with a bang. Accompanied by music legend Ahuva Ozeri, the group got the audience jumping. A very talented Tamar Eisenman followed. There's just something about a woman with a guitar that I love. Dana Berger, happy and pregnant, sang her greatest hits, not forgetting to mention the important cause for which we all had gathered. Dafna and the Cookies, a band worth checking out, was next. Although it was a great show, the crowd was growing tired. It was a rainy day, the hour was late, and even the incredible rocker Noam Rotem couldn't get them to jump. But then Asaf Avidan went on. Everyone moved closer to the stage where Avidan, a cancer survivor himself, provided a big boost of energy. Assaf Amdursky and Jeremy Kaplan followed with a great joint set, where Amdursky played drums for Kaplan and vice versa. Kaplan even took requests from the audience to thank them for coming and donating to this crucial cause. SEP finished the evening, leaving everyone empowered enough to face the rain outside. Rogel plans to have rock concerts every summer to raise awareness for the Dolev Foundation. In the meantime, if you want more information, visit They'll be happy to help.