Contemporary acoustics

Ha'teiva features both contemporary and classical music concerts.

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Ha'teiva (The Ark) - The Center for Contemporary Music in Jaffa - is surely and not at all slowly becoming one of the most popular music venues in Tel Aviv. Home to the Israeli Contemporary Players (also known as "The 21 Century Ensemble") and situated in the basement of a new and stylish Khazerot Jaffa compound, this hall has been constructed especially for the performance of contemporary music. Besides excellent acoustics, it is outfitted with the best and latest electronic sound equipment and boasts a fine Steinway concert piano donated by the Bracha foundation. "People from IRCAM [Sound Institute at the Pompidou Center, Paris] visited Ha'teiva and were amazed by the quality of sound here," says composer Dani Yuhas, artistic director of the ensemble. Ha'teiva features both contemporary and classical music concerts, lecture concerts, music marathons, and more. "Many young people prefer this locale to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art's Recanati Concert Hall because of its intimacy and informality. And since the acoustics are fine, many classical musicians want to perform here as well." "We are not the only contemporary music-oriented institution in Israel, but here the sound is the predominant interest," adds Yuhas' assistant, percussionist Giori Politi. Another aim of the center is to provide Israeli composers working in the field of experimental music an opportunity to create their pieces using the advanced equipment and special software developed at IRCAM. Young Israeli musicians coming back from studies abroad are surprised to find so advanced a working space at home. Next week, the Ha'teiva program features concerts on Wednesday and Thursday. Rewire (May 30) is a multimedia concert of pieces by Arel Paz and Ran Kaspi, along with one by Roee Nahshon played on percanoforte, a hybrid of piano and percussion. Sound Text (May 31) features Haggay Fershman (percussion), Ariel Shibolet (saxophone alt) and Joseph Shprinzak (voice and performance). Reservations: (03) 682-2403 or