International anthem postponed in Tel Aviv

The growing Israeli heavy metal scene will have to wait for a highly anticipated 11-act festival.

death metal 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy of Century Media)
death metal 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy of Century Media)
The Israeli heavy metal scene has seen some disproportionate growth in the past few years. Israeli bands are being signed to major labels, others tour internationally and famous metal acts play here almost every other week. Fans were waiting for the climax of The Anthem Metal Fest, a megaconcert originally scheduled for August 14. But now it's been postponed, and the six international acts that were to play alongside five Israeli bands will come later in the year. The postponement was most likely due to faltering ticket sales. The lineup included Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), The Haunted (Sweden), Nevermore (Seattle, WA), Meshuggah (Sweden), Opeth (Sweden) and Satyricon (Norway), and the Israeli Betzefer, They:Swarm, Salem, female-fronted Distorted and The Fading. The international bands said they were really looking forward to coming to Israel, despite debatable issues such as antireligious sentiment, terrorism and political antipathy.