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In terms of lyrics, Quami offers, as always, a straight-up look at society.

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quami disk 88 224
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QUAMI DE LA FOX (Eyal Freedman) Milhemet Pop (Hed Arzi) Part DJ, part rapper, Quami De La Fox (a.k.a. Ayal Friedman) is continuing to garner industry clout for his musical skills, and this latest album only strengthens the convictions of his supporters. He began his career in the '90s as a presenter on Israeli radio's first strictly rap-oriented show and it quickly blossomed into a cultural movement. Now that Quami is rapping himself, it's clear he's chosen the right career path. On his new release, Milhemet Pop (Pop War), he's backed by a group of musicians who go by the collective name of the Halvot. Ido Blaustein, Elya Schenberger, Adam Schefflan, DJ Alarm, Nimrod Talmon and rapper Kottage all support Quami's effort, and the resulting musical styles range from punk rock to blues to dub and everything in between. In terms of lyrics, Quami offers, as always, a straight-up look at society. His words are often biting and witty, and also employ humor. As for the album's title, the rapper says it has to do with the "wars" that inspired the music. Many of the tracks were written following the Second Lebanon War and refer to it (notably "Nolad Lamut"/"Born to Die"). Some songs also deal with what he calls "celebrity wars" ("Celeb Lo Yorek"/"Celebs Don't Spit on the Sidewalk") and the "war to promote the arts" in the country ("Ha'ish Hakatan Me'haRadio"/"Little Man on the Radio"). Also packed into the lyrics are songs about the fight against hopelessness ("Dikaon"/"Depression") and the battle for love. While the quality of the music is definitely a selling point on this album, Quami's lyrical honesty makes its success a surefire bet. DAVID D'OR Live Concert (Hed Arzi) Acclaimed for having a "voice from heaven," countertenor David D'Or has released a live concert album of some of his greatest hits. The repertoire recorded here is one with which he toured Turkey, France, China, Italy and other locations abroad. Over the 12 tracks, D'Or showcases his ability to harmoniously integrate elements of classical, pop and world music into his own style. Singing both original material and others' songs on the album, there's no question it's all 100 percent D'Or. There's the wonderful "Kol Hakochavim" (All the Stars) and the heartfelt "Shmor HaOlam Yeled" (Watch over the World) as well as Seal's inspired "Kissed by a Rose" and Lucio Dala's gratifying "Caruso." While seeing D'Or perform live is an exciting event, listening to his magnificent voice on this CD also offers spine-tingling moments. It's no wonder Peter Gabriel recently invited him to perform at the huge WOMAD Festival in London. D'Or has been blessed with a superb vocal ability and he proves it once again on this collection.