Sabra Sounds: Subliminal - back in the hot seat of local hip hop.

Just When you Thought it was Over (TACT Records)

Subliminal 88 (photo credit: )
Subliminal 88
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As the title of his album blatantly says, Subliminal is back in the hot seat of local hip hop/rap. The first Zionist rapper, Subliminal (also known as Koby Shimoni) offers up a whopping 20 tracks on his new album. While he has often berated the local scene as being filled with sub-par material, Subliminal made sure that each track on this release would be perfect. The sound is rich and the beats are enjoyable. Kudos must be handed over to the production and arrangements of each song. On Just When You Thought It Was Over, Subliminal collaborated with a range of artists including David D'Or, Grammy Award winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Wyclef Jean (yes, Wyclef Jean!), The Shadow, Joe Budden (of the legendary American Island Def-Jam music group), David Broza, and Shai 360, among others. The song, "Klasit Ve'Parsit" - with Ben-Ari and Budden - has the funkiest beat and it is no surprise this single triumphed over radio rotations. The Broza-Subliminal alliance, "Lifamim Ani Margish," isn't a song one would necessarily imagine the tough-looking Subliminal rapping. But Subliminal adds his magic touch to this heartfelt song and listeners will walk away with a smirk, or even a smile. The peppy song, "Komando Mochi," blends four rappers and a range of musical beats, and could easily become one of the album's next singles. Overall, there isn't one song on the album not worthy of being here.