Secret Chiefs 3 headed here in May

Hard rock/Middle Eastern/electronica group confirms to 'Post' they will play first ever show in Israel.

The hard rock/Middle Eastern/electronica group Secret Chiefs 3 (SC3) will play its first ever show in Israel, band leader Trey Spruance confirmed to The Jerusalem Post.Founded by Mr. Bungle and occasional Faith No More guitarist Spruance in 1995, the genre-defying band has already put out seven albums.
Influenced by almost every musical style out there, Secret Chiefs 3 manages to make a collage of different influences, from Bollywood pop through heavy metal to surf rock, blend into an organic, coherent musical whole.
Since its fifth album, SC3 have actually split into seven “satellite bands,” each with its own name, logo and typical artwork, even though many of the same band members appear the in the different bands. Their live performances are as likely to include electric guitars and a drumkit as they are to have onstage a violin, a tabla or a koto.Spruance said this decision allows each band to better express his different musical personae.
SC3’s seventh album, Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini(The Severed Right Hands of the Last Men), released 2009, is a tributeto Italian Gothic horror movies, and draws inspiration mainly from filmcomposer Ennio Morricone and from modern classical music.
Theband’s lineup differs according to the demands of the pieces the bandselects from its vast catalogue of tunes for each concert. The lineupfor Israel has yet to be announced. SC3 perform on May 2, at the Barbyclub in Tel Aviv.