Tel Aviv's stairway to heaven

One of the most innovative bands of the 60's, Led Zeppelin will be ressurected at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

Zeppelin 298 (photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Zeppelin 298
(photo credit: Courtesy photo)
Following on from similar events focusing on Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, tonight's Led Zeppelin marathon at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque features possibly the best rock band ever. Led Zeppelin, known to fans as Led Zep, was formed in London in 1968 and erupted onto the global rock scene with a string of innovative records that nonetheless never strayed too far from the mainstream. Like many of its contemporaries, Led Zep's most enduring source of inspiration was the blues, and like other British bands of that generation, such as The Who and the Stones, this was partly due to the influence of Alexis Korner, one of the driving forces behind the great blues revival of the late Fifties and early Sixties. The members of Led Zep were all consummate artists, fronted by Robert Plant's singularly powerful vocals and Jimmy Page's red-hot guitar licks, with John Paul Jones and John Bonham providing the anchor - Jones mostly on bass and keyboards, with Bonham powering the band from behind his considerable drum set. The band's best-known effort is the suite-like "Stairway to Heaven," from Led Zeppelin IV, which incorporates a wide range of inflections, from rock and folk to heavy metal. The BBC has described Led Zeppelin as "one of the most influential bands of the rock era." To date, the group has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, despite disbanding in 1980 with Bonham's untimely death. Tonight's marathon kicks off at midnight with documentary footage, including rare interviews, followed by around three hours of footage taken from three different Led Zep concerts - the 1975 show at Earls' Court; Seattle Kingdom in 1977; and Knebworth in 1979. For further information go to: or contact DJ MosheL at 0544-705992