Working wonders in the world

Ricky Martin makes philanthropic comeback in a benefit concert series.

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Ricky Martin won't let a little bad PR stand in the way of good intentions. The Latino pop superstar - who declared himself a spokesperson for Arab youth - was photographed in August wearing a keffiyeh with the Arabic slogan "Jerusalem is ours" beneath an image of the Dome of the Rock . His philanthropic efforts went awry then, but the star is putting his best foot forward now for UNICEF's "Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS" Campaign. The 8th Wonder of the World, a leading entertainment company, announced last week that Martin will be performing at the international concert series' kickoff event at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, February 25, 2006. "What is understood across the globe is that children are the future. What is not understood around the globe is that the future of many developing countries is in jeopardy due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that affects million of children worldwide. By raising awareness and funds through the Ricky Martin Foundation and UNICEF and 8th Wonder of the World benefit concert series, I want to help protect the future of developing nations and protect the children of the world from the physical, emotional and social effects of this deadly pandemic," said Ricky Martin in a written statement. Martin, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, has advocated for children's rights and protection through his non-profit Ricky Martin Foundation in the past. . Martin is also scheduled to perform in Israel to promote his new comeback album, Life, in the spring of 2006. The 8th Wonder of the World organization was founded specifically to increase global awareness for children affected by HIV/AIDS, raising funds for UNICEF, YouthAIDS, The Ricky Martin Foundation, and other partner charities through arts and entertainment. Ten concerts are scheduled to take place over a period of five years at some of the most beautiful natural and man-made locations in the world, including the Forbidden City, the Parthenon, the Great Pyramid, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty.