Edison is designed with a toned-down urban decor, a type fitting the usually sleepy Ra'anana.

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beer cafe 88
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I have never been to the USA. Yet, I have a pretty clear vision of what it looks like from movies, Seinfeld and pretty magazine pictures. Therefore, upon entering Ra'anana's Edison, I imagined that it resembles the only Manhattan eatery I know, Tribeca. When I searched for pictures of Tribeca, I found that it looks nothing like Edison. Nevertheless, the New York feel is definitely apparent (at least to people who have never been there). Edison is designed with a toned-down urban decor, a type fitting the usually sleepy Ra'anana. A spacious, well-stocked bar surrounded by booths emanates from the restaurant's center, like a welcoming alcoholic sun. Small plasma screens adorn the walls, unique chandeliers hang from above and a spacious wood-paneled porch is now open for the summer. The menu includes various American-style dishes. The lamb kebab my dining partner sampled was great ("second only to Jaffa's Mishu," he said), and the Neapolitan fettuccine was terrific. For dessert, we tried the delicious banana tart tatin served with pistachio sauce. For the EuroCup finals, Edison has set up a huge 2x3 meter screen on the porch and is offering special beers and snacks to create the perfect soccer atmosphere. The snacks include such treats as scorched tuna on cold Chinese salad (NIS 42), crispy shrimps in yogurt (NIS 38) and peppered sirloin on a bed of tehina and pickled ginger (NIS 39). Special beers means such goodies as the Scottish Belhaven and the English Old Speckled Hen. In all, a very European game in a very New York atmosphere. 282 Ahuza St., Ra'anana. (09) 774-3131. If you want your soccer somewhere else, don't fret - many other places will have huge screens and special offers for the games. In Ramat Ha'hayal Avant Garde offers 50% off on orders of drinks imported from a country that scores a goal. 3 Ha'barzel St, Tel Aviv (03) 648-0082. Zimerman has special deals named after Israeli soccer superstars. For example, Jimmy Turk is a Ballantines chaser (NIS 12) and Shlomo Sherf is an edamame or a cheese and vegetable platter (NIS 12). 2 Brenner St., Tel Aviv (03) 528-0218. The Dancing Camel brewery will screen the semi finals and the finals. Free pints of their delicious beers after the game to anyone wearing the winning team's jersey. 12 Hataasiya, Tel Aviv (03) 624-2783.