Recline and dine

The Zidon restaurant invites both your palate and your sense of adventure.

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sea restaurant 88
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What's the point of enjoying fine food if you can't have a little fun while you're at it? Tucked away in a secluded beach in Herzliya, the Zidon restaurant invites both your palate and your sense of adventure to a seafront dining experience. The location alone is enough to make for a supremely relaxing experience, and the food is as enticing as the view. The beachfront restaurant is open every day for a casual lunch, with a fabulous selection of appetizers that includes roasted eggplant; seared red tuna in teriyaki sauce coated with sesame; or fish ceviche in olive oil, coriander, ginger, chili and avocado. Evening becomes a more sophisticated affair, displaying dishes such as pan-fried red mullet in garlic lemon aioli; grilled veal chops; or baked seafish on a bed of root vegetables and leek. Excellent Israeli wines make up the wine list. You can also have a memorable spa experience in the straw huts on the premises, which offer a variety of treatments applied by professional therapists. At the restaurant's bar, you can sit and watch the sea while savoring delightful cocktails or sipping on a cappuccino. Zidon. Hasharon Beach, Herzliya. Open daily 10 a.m. to midnight. Tel: (09) 950-0926. Not kosher.