For those who have a sweet tooth and still want to enjoy a healthy, light breakfast, there now is Nestl? Fitness Chocolate cereal flakes.

nestle 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
nestle 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For those who have a sweet tooth and still want to enjoy a healthy, light breakfast, there now is Nestlé Fitness Chocolate cereal flakes made from whole wheat grains and rice, some of which are chocolate-coated. A 375-gr. carton is NIS 20.90. Prigat has changed its soft drinks, and they now contain 20 percent less sugar, while still tasting the same. The flavors of the Prigat soft drinks are orange, grape juice, grape, apple and mango; the price for a 1.5-liter bottle is NIS 6 to NIS 7. Karmit has new extra-large pop ices illustrated with characters from the popular children's cartoon Arthur. The flavors included are cola, pineapple and strawberry-banana (strangely though, the latter flavor was missing from the box we got). The price for 15 ices is NIS 15. The Milou-Of brand of chicken is now recognizable by new packaging, and it also has a new Internet site, www.milouoff.com, where you can find a lot of recipes, among other features of interest. Litchi is a wonderful fruit in season right now, and Bereshit is marketing fresh litchi that according to Chinese medicinal beliefs is supposed to enhance your energy level. The price starts at NIS 24.90 per kilo. Nature Valley has yummy new crunchy granola-pecan bars. A five-pack (each containing two bars) of these healthy bars is NIS 21. New Nestlé ice creams are the chocolate-covered vanilla Hamshushim ice cream sticks, which are very small, so they're an ideal snack for little kids. The price for a package containing 15 Hamshushim is NIS 25.95. Also new is Gumigam Safari, a chewing gum-flavored ice cream containing a little candy in the shape of an animal (NIS 5). Tnuva has a new punch-banana flavored milk shake (NIS 4.59 for a 250-ml. bottle), with a bottle that is shaped in such a way that makes it easier to shake up the drink. Tnuva's ice coffee is now also available in a one-liter bottle (NIS 10.59). A healthy low-sugar breakfast which is quickly prepared is the Weetabix cereals, made out of whole wheat and containing lots of fibers. Weetabix is available at the Supersol chain for NIS 39 for a 430-gr. carton.