Wissotzky tea has a new flavor called Beduin Chai, which is supposed to be drunk strong and sweet.

Yad Mordechai has a new addition to its line of 100 percent fruit jams: pomegranate-strawberry. The pomegranate is known to be a very healthful fruit, and the strawberry adds a sweet touch to the mix. A 250 gr. jar is NIS 15.50. Etz Hazayit has a new type of margarine that is suitable for baking and contains 25% less fat and 40% fewer calories than regular margarine. A 200-gr. package is NIS 3.50. A nice cup of hot tea is a good drink on a winter day, and Wissotzky has a new flavor called Beduin Chai, which is supposed to be drunk strong and sweet. This black tea contains cardamom and sage leaves; a box of 25 tea bags is NIS 13. For those who prefer coffee, Nescafe Taster's Choice offers French vanilla and hazelnut in larger, 150-gr. jars, sold at NIS 32.42. The Binyamina wineries have a refreshing new Teva Muscato wine, a sweet, bubbly white wine which can be drunk as an aperitif or as a dessert wine. The Muscato Teva 2007 is NIS 35 a bottle. New pastas in the Osem Perfecto series are the Lumaconi Rigati Grandi and the Millerighe Tricolore, both big-size pastas that are made in such a way that they absorb the sauce better. These pastas will be available for a limited period of time; a 500-gr. bag is NIS 10.50. You can now enjoy popcorn while watching a movie and feel less guilty about consuming all the calories: Hotpop has microwavable popcorn containing 48% less fat. A carton containing six bags with butter flavor is NIS 18. Of Tov has two new pastramis that are made in the old-fashioned way, as suggested by the nostalgic pictures featuring on the containers. The two new flavors are juicy Polish pastrami and juicy Romanian pastrami with garlic. These two flavors will be available for three months only; a 300-gr. container is NIS 22.