Kids with a sore throat will enjoy the Lemopop, a strawberry-flavored lollipop.

Tara is now marketing the European Müller fruit yogurts, tubs with a layer of bio-yogurt with a fruit sauce on top, in different flavors such as raspberry, lemon, strawberry, orange or passion fruit. The fruit can be mixed in with the creamy yogurt, and the result is a quite yummy snack. Each tub is NIS 4.10 to NIS 4.50. Two new tehina products by Barka are spicy tehina with pepper and a tehina sauce with garlic and dill, suitable to add to a salad or to eat with vegetables. The tehina with pepper is NIS 17, and a bottle of sauce with garlic and dill is NIS 13. Kids with a sore throat will enjoy the Lemopop, a strawberry-flavored lollipop with added propolis, vitamin C and zinc, which will ease the pain. A bag of 10 is NIS 19.90. Water with an added bonus is the Schweppes Multi Water, with added vitamins and plant extracts. The varieties are Energy, with orange-tangerine flavor; Relax, with peach-passion fruit flavor; and Focus, with orange-pear flavor. A bottle is NIS 7. Orbit has a new refreshing peach flavor. The gum is sugarless, and is an addition to the many other Orbit sugarless, fruit-flavored gums. One box is NIS 4.35. Do you hate it when your bottles of olive oil get sticky after use, and oil leaks into your cupboards? Zeta now has a new dosage mouthpiece at the top of the bottle, an Israeli patent, which lets you control the amount of oil coming out of the bottle and prevents leaking. Most Zeta olive oil bottles now come with this "Jumpy" dosage system. Häagen-Dazs's new sweet flavor for the winter is Mango & Cream, a creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of mango. This tropical flavor is available in individual size cups at NIS 9.90. Pereg herbs now offer a delicious granola, with lots of pecans and walnuts, raisins and sweetened with honey. The granola is NIS 8.80 for 100 gr. Kalfany has two new flavors of its candy: coffee and cherry. They come in a handy little round tin, and are NIS 10 for 150 gr.