The new pizza of Domino's Pizza is called D-Crust, made with a thin crust, with different toppings and herbs.

pizza 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
pizza 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Purim means eating hamentashen. The Ben Ami bakeries make a delicious variety of this treat, which I usually don't care for too much. Their hamentashen are made with butter, which makes them better already, and the fillings are generous. New this year are the whole-wheat hamentashen, filled with dried fruits, a healthier and still delicious cookie. The prices for the hamentashen at Ben Ami are NIS 29 for 250 gr. Pillsbury is joining the health trend as well, offering whole-wheat hamentashen filled with dates and granola. Other fillings are strawberry, apricot and the more classic fillings such as poppy seeds, dates or chocolate. They are available in selected supermarkets, and are baked on the spot, so you buy something fresh. The taste is fine, although the dough tasted a little too sweet to our palate. The price for one kilo is NIS 28.90 to NIS 30.90, and mini-hamentashen are NIS 31.90 to NIS 33.90 a kilo. Another Purim tradition is mishloah manot, and the kids especially look forward to some sweet treats. Karmit has gift packages featuring the popular cartoon figure Sponge Bob, which can be cut out and used as a mask. The package is filled with chocolates, wafers and lollipops, and is sold at NIS 12. More traditional are Karmit's mishloah manot in the shape of a hamentash (NIS 6.50), or featuring a clown, with a bow tie on the package that can be cut out and used (NIS 11). A bit more elaborate is the package in the shape of a castle, with figures of Esther, Mordecai and Haman, your kid can use to act out the Purim story (NIS 15). Elite has several mishloah manot packages as well, among others those with sweets packed inside a party hat that you could use with a clown's costume. The hat is filled with sweets such as KifKef, mekupelet, a wafer, and a muffin, and costs NIS 13.90. Also available are mishloah manot in the shape of a hamentash (NIS 7.90), a stuffed lion doll (NIS 16.90),or one that can serve as a piggy bank when it's empty (NIS 18.90). My youngest daughter loves to drink cola, which I only let her do on Shabbat and holidays as a treat. She was very happy to find out there now is Coca-Cola Zero, with no sugar, and containing less than one calorie a glass. The taste was found to be very yummy still; nevertheless, it will remain a special treat. Coca-Cola Zero is available in a 350-ml. glass bottle, and in 0.5-liter and 1.5-liter bottles. Harduf now has organic breakfast cereals that most kids will love. The series consists of puffed rice with banana and chocolate, puffed wheat with honey, puffed rice with milk and dried fruits and puffed spelt and amaranth with hazelnut cream. The latter was added to the granola by one of the adults in the family, since my kids didn't care for it too much. The price for a 300-gr. carton is NIS 25-NIS 29. The new pizza of Domino's Pizza is called D-Crust, made with a thin crust, with different toppings and herbs. Our family liked the D-Crust with Bulgarian cheese and roasted red peppers and basil. Also available are the, obviously not kosher, D-Crust Bolognese (with meat), and the D-Crust pepperoni and onion. New flavors of the yummy Yoplait yogurts are strawberry-pineapple, vanilla-pecan and pistachio (containing 3 percent or 4% fat), and the diet yogurts strawberry-vanilla, mocha and banana-vanilla (all containing 0% fat). One tub is NIS 3.89.