In preparation for Pessah, you can find kosher-for-Pessah supplies in all the stores.

In preparation for Pessah in two weeks, you can find kosher-for-Pessah supplies in all the stores. Matzot Rishon has a wide variety to choose from, including organic whole-wheat matza, regular whole-wheat matza (both NIS 17 for a 300-gr. package) or rye matza (NIS 15 for 300 gr.). For kids, you can find gift packages with their favorite candy in a kosher-for-Pessah version. Elite has a pyramid-shaped package containing mini-Pesek Zman and Mekupelet chocolate bars, Bazooka gum, Cheetos and toffees, for NIS 12.90. Karmit offers a "sweet Haggada," a package in the shape of a Haggada, filled with candy and a little plastic wine glass, for NIS 7; Karmit also has kosher-for-Pessah toasted coconut marshmallows, which didn't look too tasty to us (also NIS 7). Max Brenner has a wide range of gift packages filled with yummy kosher-for-Pessah chocolate every host would be happy to receive. The packages have names such as Nostalgia, Sweet Dreams and Hug Mug, and some chocolates are stored in beautifully designed tins you can reuse after you finish the chocolate. Prices range from NIS 99 to NIS 315. Another nice way to say "thank you" over Pessah is with a box of Merci chocolates, which are also available in a special holiday edition. A 250-gr. box is NIS 19.95, and a 400-gr. box is NIS 40.95; you can find Merci chocolate at all the supermarkets. Elite also has some nice chocolate in the Splendid series, for example bittersweet chocolate with hazelnuts (NIS 9.50), and a limited edition of the "Cow" chocolate with whole hazelnuts, wrapped in a festive gold-colored wrapping (NIS 19.90 for 330 gr.). Mama Of has kosher-for-Pessah schnitzels, including star-shaped ones, so your kids won't have to miss one of their favorite foods during the holiday. The schnitzels, which are made from chicken breast and don't contain kitniyot, cost NIS 36, or NIS 26 for the star-shaped ones. If you have many Seder guests but don't want to clean a lot of dishes afterward, you can get elegant-looking disposable plates and cutlery at Pa'amit stores. There are attractive sets for six containing plates, knifes, forks, napkins, wine cups and cups, or you can buy every item separately. Prices start at NIS 0.33 a plate and NIS 0.20 a cup. Prices for baking dishes start at NIS 1.20. Wine is an essential part of the Seder, and you can find plenty of good wines at reasonable prices in the stores. The Don Julio cabernet sauvignon from Chile (it has the American U kosher certificate) is pleasant tasting, and at the bigger supermarkets you can get three bottles for NIS 100. The Israeli Barkan Classic wines are a good accompaniment for a meal; we liked the cabernet sauvignon (NIS 39 for a bottle). Kinneret Farms has haroset made with dates grown by Kibbutz Kinneret, mixed with apples, nuts, wine and spices; the price for a 250 gr. jar is NIS 8. Olivia also has jars of haroset, sold at NIS 11 for a 190 gr. jar. This year you can find the Liberty Haggada, celebrating 60 years of the State of Israel. It is beautifully illustrated with pictures from the earlier years of the state. The golden edition and the edition with English translation are NIS 159, and the bronze edition is NIS 89. You can also buy a Haggada through the Larger than Life Foundation, which helps kids with cancer realize a dream, such as trips abroad, for NIS 18. Golan wineries is offering a free Haggada to those who buy two of its bottles.