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Kids will love to eat the animal-shaped schnitzels from Mama Of.

Kids will love to eat the animal-shaped schnitzels from Mama Of. The "Jungle Schnitzels" come in the shape of a lion, a giraffe, a bear or an elephant. If these fun shapes convince your child to finish his plate, it's worth it. The schnitzels can be found in the frozen foods department; a 700 gr. bag is NIS 25. Also new from Mama Of are the schnitzel sticks. Shaped like big french fries, they can be dipped in ketchup, and are good for meals or snacks; a 700 gr. bag is NIS 27. Zoglowek now has borekas with extra filling inside (and no hydrogenated fats), called Borekas Extra. The three varieties are cheese borekas, with extra cheese inside; olive borekas, a cheese-filled boreka with lots of olives; and somewhat spicy potato borekas. The extra cheese borekas are NIS 16 for an 800 gr. bag, and the olive and potato borekas are NIS 15 for the same amount. PriMor has added a new flavor to its juice line: very refreshing apple-cherry. The juice is available in a small 400 ml. bottle (NIS 6.74) and in a one-liter bottle (NIS 12.64). Long-time fans of Tnuva's chocolate milk drinks, Choco Carlo and Choco Buddy, will now find them marketed under a new name, "Shock," and in five new varieties: chocolate, chocolate-coffee, chocolate-pecan, chocolate-nougat and chocolate light. They are all fat-free and only 42 calories per 100 ml. "Shock" is available in an individual-sized plastic bag (NIS 1.89, or NIS 10.45 for a six-pack), a 400 ml. bottle (NIS 4.47) and a one-liter bottle (NIS 8.41). Energy Shape now also has morning cereals, in addition to the Energy Shape bars. The three flavors are crunchy rice and wheat flakes, crunchy bran and wheat flakes, and crunchy wheat flakes with fruit. The cereal is fortified with seven vitamins, and is low in fat; a package is NIS 22.95-24.95. Wiliger is now offering three new morning cereals: granola with cinnamon and dried fruit, granola with banana and other dried fruit, and granola light with cinnamon and dried fruit. A 400 gr. package is NIS 16. Nestl 's Extreme ice cream has recently launched Extreme Fudge, a real treat for the last summer days. The ice cream cone is a mix of vanilla and chocolate fudge, covered with chocolate-covered wheat grains; one Extreme cone is NIS 7.20. Especially for the holidays, Osem has expanded its Perfecto pasta series with two new varieties, the Perfecto Gemelli, a kind of little fusilli, suitable for a festive meal, and the Perfecto Ruote (wheels), which will appeal to children. The price for each of these pastas is NIS 6.80 for a 500 gr. bag. Pereg Spices is offering a special new mix to flavor your dishes, based on a combination of pistachio nuts and herbs and spices. The mix can be added to rice, salads, or sprinkled on top of humous; a 100 gr. jar is NIS 9.80. Pereg spices can be found in the Pereg stores and in selected branches of Mega.