Cody Levine

Cody Levine

Cody Levine is a Breaking News Editor and Journalist at The Jerusalem Post. He is currently a Ph.D Candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Born in Montreal, Canada, he received his Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from McGill University in 2014, and his Masters of Arts from the University of Toronto in 2015, where he specialized in the study of international and civil conflict processes, procedural choice, peace studies and the Arab-Israel Conflict. Following the completion of his Master’s degree, Cody enlisted into the Israel Defense Forces as a Lone Soldier, serving as a Non-Commissioned Officer and Foreign Liaison in the International Cooperation Unit. His current interests include the study of international, civil and intermestic conflicts around the world, such as in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast and East Asia, in addition to focusing on Diaspora affairs as well as Canadian and Israeli politics.

Dolphins seen playing off the coast near Haifa

Girls walk on the outskirts of the Bedouin city of Rahat, southern Israel

Several Bedouins lose citizenship despite family in IDF, birth in Israel


Israeli, UAE law firms to collaborate on framework for business ties


Trump: Saudis, eventually Iran, will follow suit amid UAE-Israel deal

Shabbat candles

Orthodox Union to highlight positive stories during pandemic

Border Police go about coronavirus inspections in Mea Shearim, a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Shocking video shows Border Police beating Palestinians

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visit an army base on the Gol

Dramatic rise in support for Bennett, Likud support holds still - poll


Netanyahu: 'Land for Peace' formula ineffective for Middle East peace

GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL production has taken a hit in recent years due to declining bee populations.

Hives, honeycombs stolen in Galilee region

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine's Zelensky, Netanyahu talk coronavirus, trade

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh recieves royal welcome

Turkey gave citizenship to Hamas members planning terror attacks - report

Democratic Socialists of America logo

Democratic Socialists of America criticized for survey on Israel boycott


Baltimore Jewish community helps out those impacted by explosion


New survey highlights increasing divide on global foreign direct investment

MK Yair Lapid speaks during a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to qu

Lapid: We'll push a law barring those under indictment from forming gov't

First Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal

Court halts home demolition of soldier Amit Ben-Yigal’s alleged killer


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