Liat Collins

Liat Collins was born and raised in Britain and emigrated to Israel in 1979, when she immediately joined the IDF.

After learning Hebrew during her military service, she received a bachelor’s degree in Chinese studies and international relations at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She followed that with a master’s degree (cum laude) in communications.

Liat has worked at The Jerusalem Post since 1988 in various positions as a reporter, columnist and editor. She received the Life and Environment Award from the umbrella organization of Israeli green NGOs for her contribution to raising the standards of environmental reporting and won praise for her coverage of the Oslo Accords and diplomatic process as parliamentary reporter.

She has traveled extensively for work-related stories, including in the Arab world, and has met personalities ranging from Hollywood stars to presidents, prime ministers and royalty.

Liat is editor of The International Jerusalem Post and writes a weekly oped column (My Word). She also writes the popular weekly "Say What?" spot on Hebrew slang in the Post's Weekend magazine. She is a regular contributor to radio shows around the world.


My word: From Herzl to the Zionists’ dogs


My word: First aid against terrorism

Iranian President Rouhani and North Korean politician Kim Yong-Nam

My Word: Doubly dangerous - Iran and North Korea

The Supreme Court in Jerusalem hearing a case, August 19, 2015.

My Word: The strength of our convictions


My Word: Troubled waters between Israel and Jordan


My Word: Security complexes and mounting tensions


Le’Chaim! My father’s rich life and lasting smile

A KURDISH peshmerga soldier stands at a lookout near Bashiqa in northern Iraq

My word: Liberating state of mind

A PALESTINIAN TEACHER gestures as children attend a lesson at an UNRWA-run school in the Gaza Strip

My Word: Meet the mythical refugee

Rabbi Eliyahu Shear Yashuv Cohen

The most unusual rabbi

Tel Aviv City Hall lights up in solidarity with Egypt following Friday's terror attack that claimed

My Word: Stop trying to save Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump at Ben Gurion International Airport

My Word: Pragmatism and the presidential messenger

Jerusalem  snow

My Word: Jerusalem agendas and itineraries

PEOPLE HEAD to a polling station in the French consulate in Jerusalem to vote in the presidential el

My word: The Macron phenomenon

Israelis gather to watch the annual Independence Day flyover.

My Word: In our own right

PRESIDENT REUVEN RIVLIN addresses the Holocaust Remembrance Day opening ceremony at Yad Vashem on Su

My Word: Figuring out Independence Day beyond the Holocaust


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