Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman is news editor and head of online content and strategy for The Jerusalem Post.
She is the former Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy for Israel365 and Editorial Director for Breaking Israel News and the former Director of International Communications for the Israel Democracy Institute.
An American-Israeli journalist since 1995, Maayan served as Editor-in-Chief of the Baltimore Jewish Times and Managing Editor of the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle. Her work has appeared in American Spectator, Fox, The Hill and Roll Call, among other places.

TEST TUBE with coronavirus label is seen at the end of January.

Will serological tests in Bnei Brak show if Israel is immune to COVID-19?

Border Police go about coronavirus inspections in Mea Shearim, a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Does living in an Orthodox yeshiva increase coronavirus?


COVID-19 patients lose smell, taste and now touch - survey


Israeli medical institutions, labs deficient at protecting patient data

A food delivery man waits outside a McDonalds restaurant in Tel Aviv. April 18, 2020

Middle schools in Israel set to open on May 17


Israelis say gov’t should provide coronavirus aide to Jews abroad - survey

Image of rod through Kamel Abdel Rahman's head

Medical miracle in Jerusalem: Surgery saves man with rod through head

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion welcomes students on their first day back to school (May 10, 2020)

60% of eligible students show up for daycare, kindergarten on Sunday


Coronavirus crisis improved Jewish-Arab relations - new survey

Grandson visits his grandmother at her home in Moshav Haniel, on April 5, 2020

Coronavirus: Can I visit my grandparents? Health Ministry guide

A Rachashei Lev volunteer with a cancer patient; the ‘Party Ambulance’ rolls up next to a child in h

Top Israeli physician: All childhood cancer to be curable by 2040

bioreactor pluristem

Israel's Pluristem FDA approved for study in treatment of severe COVID-19

ZELDA BURKEY outside her burned-out house: The country and people around the world opened their hear

Rising from the ashes: Moshav Mevo Modi’im marks one year since fire

Israelis wear face masks for fear of the coronavirus as they walk through the market in Ramle on May

How did Israel crack the coronavirus code and what's next?

HUMANS HAVE the unique capability to be resilient even in the face of what seems insurmountable

Running the morning after coronavirus

Mayanei Hayeshua Medical team treat a patient with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the coronavirus

Israel’s coronavirus is on the decline: Lockdown, mother nature or math?


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