Ruthie Blum

Ruthie Blum

Ruthie Blum is the author of the book "To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the 'Arab Spring.'" A former senior editor at the Jerusalem Post, she is currently a political affairs columnist for Israel Hayom. Originally from New York, she has been living in Israel since 1977.
An Israeli soldier walks past members of the US Republican party's election campaign team in Israel,

Will Trump back Israel in the next war?

South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley

Right From Wrong: Thanking Obama for Trump

Netanyahu Trump

The ‘optics’ of dead Jews

‘MUCH HAS transpired during Barack Obama’s two terms in office, all of it colossally bad. This was t

Right from wrong: Inaugural tears of joy

A SOLDIER photographs his comrades during a quiet moment near the southern border in July 2014.

Right from wrong: The cyber bikini intifada

Hebron shooter

Right from Wrong: A testament to Israeli engagement

US Secretary of State John Kerry

Right from wrong: Kerry's moral turpitude

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon’s last hypocritical hurrah

Israeli flag

Right From Wrong: Parting words to a disillusioned Zionist

The Azerbaijan flag.

Right from Wrong: How the Grinch stole Hanukka

A supporter of the alt-Right giving a Nazi salute.

Right from Wrong: Note to Israelis: The US is not racist

South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley

Trump’s promising pick for UN ambassador

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

Right From Wrong: Alt-left delete

Swastika and "Seig Heil 2016" graffiti

RIGHT FROM WRONG: Alt-left delete

DONALD TRUMP, Melania Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConn

Right From Wrong: A vote against cultural radicalism

PALESTINIANS PARTICIPATE in a recent rally to support Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramalla

Right from wrong: Lame-duck Obama’s last hurrah


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