Gil Troy

Gil Troy

Gil Troy is the author of The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s. His forthcoming book, The Zionist Ideas, which updates Arthur Hertzberg's classic work, will be published by The Jewish Publication Society in Spring 2018. Professor Gil Troy is Distinguished Scholar in North American History at McGill University. Email Gil at

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ENJOY THE holiday, without all the politics

Cancel the ‘Cancel Culture’ phenomenon with sincere self-scrutiny

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Boc

Center Field: Bibi ‘habayta’ – go home with a pardon, not to jail

Sydney, Australia.

American Jews should learn from Australia’s Zionist ‘Kanga-Jews’


Center Field: The anything-goes election, to keep Bibi from going to jail


Center Field: 'Glumstruck' 80 years after the Nazi invasion of Poland

Rashida Tlaib

Trump’s law, the Pro-Palestinian Flaw and the Attack of the Stupids


Center Field: Trump’s law and the Pro-Palestinian Flaw

What kind of nationalism?

Center Field: Liberalism and nationalism should mesh, not clash


Center Field: ‘Our Boys’ sins by encouraging the moral equivalence chorus

Men wear Trump yarmulkes while waiting for U.S. President Donald Trump to address the Republican Jew

Dems beware of the occupation preoccupation; Republicans, the terror error

Magnanimous Zionists should save the New Imperial Hotel and Jaffa Gate

Magnanimous Zionists should save the New Imperial Hotel and Jaffa Gate

An Israeli soldier reacts to tear gas during the demolition of a Palestinian house

Center Field: A negative, defensive Zionism


The ‘Zionist sky is falling’ world


Center Field: Israel, US need muscular moderates – not mealymouthed ones


Center Field: Zionist ‘zugiyut,’ yes; Reverse Birthright, no!

Birthright Israel members attend the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City, 2019.

Center Field: The real Birthright - Inheriting our Jewish story


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