The Oscars and Hollywood's hypocrisy; Dear Hollywood, If You Want To Help Women, You Must Strictly And Unapologetically Defend The Values That Have Allowed Women To Thrive.

Commenting on Hollywood's hypocrisy, the brilliant Ben Shapiro has spoken of Roman Polanski who despite having been "convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl both vaginally and anally in 1977 has earned a standing ovation at the 2003 Oscars". Shapiro also mentions Woody Allen who is admired by Hollywood even though his "ex-wife and children still say that he sexually abused his adopted daughter when she was 7 years old". 
Furthermore, claims Shapiro, Hollywood has "backed President Bill Clinton despite allegations of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment", Hillary Clinton "despite allegations that she has targeted her husband's victims, the late Ted Kennedy "despite the fact that he drove a car off a bridge with a woman in the back seat and left her to drown, and Hollywood continues to "worship at the altar of John F. Kennedy Jr., who allegedly sexually harassed interns on a grand scale." 
These are serious allegations involving a great deal of personal torment but pale in comparison to Hollywood’s  blatantly political stand. Joining forces with the US’s virtue signalling Left, film stars at the forefront of the anti Trump movement have shown alarming ignorance and exposed their crying hypocrisy. 
From the women’s march to the Oscars, Hollywood A listers have quoted great untruths and made baffling accusations that bear no relation to reality. One such example is America Ferrera who in her Women's March speech rejected "the demonisation of our Muslim brothers and sisters", and demanded "an end to the systemic murder and incarceration of our black brothers and sisters." 
First, is Ferrera blaming a freshly inaugurated president for the fate of the black community in America? how can a president just days in office be responsible for "systemic murders"? had Ferrera bothered to properly research the topic, she would have learnt that of the less than 400 people a year killed by police, 61% are white while 32% are black. If Ferrera is troubled by racism, she should ask herself why Obama has failed to fully address the racial targeting and murder of white police officers, and why he did not declare it a national emergency. 
Ferrera and her fellow female celebrities should be ashamed for calling women in the Muslim world their "sisters", whilst they let a Sharia supporting figure such as Linda Sarsour lead their march. By doing that, they support the Muslim culture that "takes female inferiority for granted.” (Ayaan Hirsi Ali )
"Culture matters" explains Ayaan Hirsi Ali, "it's the primary source of social progress or regression, nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the status of women. The Judeo-Christian culture, and perhaps a more apt word is civilization, has produced over time the law codes, language and material prosperity that have greatly elevated women's status, but this progress is not shared everywhere. There are still hundreds of millions of people that live in a culture-the Islamic, for instance, that takes female inferiority for granted." 
The Muslim world's reality of honour killing, stoning, flogging and generally depriving women of any freedom, is clearly evident and well documented, yet Hollywood's female celebrities choose to ignore and even deny it. Furthermore, their collaboration with its Hijab wearing representatives, enforces their ideology and harms women who are in dire need of help. 
The Western and the Islamic cultures were separated in the past but large numbers of immigrant men from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa have brought with them a different set of values to the West. 
"As a result" explains Hirsi Ali, "crimes against girls and women such as groping, harassments, assaults and rape have risen sharply. These crimes illustrate the stark difference between the Western culture of the victims and that of the perpetrators." 
Why do Hollywood celebrities insist on denying the radically different value system of the attackers, from that of the West? we are looking at Western women who are "emancipated and sexually autonomous" while "the other value system is one in which women are viewed as either commodities (that is, their worth depends on their virginity), or on the level of a prostitute if they are guilty of public "immodesty" (wearing a short skirt for example)" 
These value systems cannot coexist. So called feminist celebrities should be fighting against the oppression experienced by Muslim women within Europe; "Western feminists in the United States and Europe would be very disturbed by this obvious misogyny but sadly, they lack the most basic understanding of Shariah law. 
Western feminists wrongly see oppression of women as being the same around the world but it is not. "Women enjoy greater freedom and opportunities in the United States, France and Finland than they do in Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia" explains Hirsi Ali, by their irresponsible overly PC actions, the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, Alicia Keys, Olivia Wilde and others, "excuse the inexcusable" instead of calling for reform in religious doctrines that oppress women. These female celebrities are tolerating intolerance in the name of PC culture, thus hurting women they claim to be their "sisters". They need to undesrtand and fast that it is the culture of the oppressor that needs changing, not that of the West. 
Hirsi Ali gives the example of Cologne, Germany where on New Years Eve, 2015. over 460 German women reported being sexually harassed or assaulted by men of North African and Arab origin. Within two months, 73 suspects had been identified -- most of them from North Africa; 12 of them have been linked to sexual crimes. Cologne's feminist Mayor Henriette Reker has responded by issuing an "arm's length" guideline to women. " Just keep an arm's length distance between you and a mob of Arab men" 
Dear Hollywood, if you want to help women, you must strictly and unapologetically defend the values that have allowed women to thrive.