A quick gospel truth


I found these remarks here (thanks PMB):-


Dr. Jack Sara, President of the Bethlehem Bible College, says..."We feel that the Palestinian people have been oppressed for so long and their voice needs to be heard...A lot of the Christian world does not know that there is an existence of Palestinian Christians who live in Palestine and Israel and who are suffering because of the conflict."
Of course, the Gospel truth is that those causing the suffering are ... Arab Muslims.  
And not only in Bethlehem, where Christian young woman are being harrassed or in Gaza, where a Christian Bible shop owner was killed, but all across the Middle East, from Copts in Egypt to Catholics in Iraq, not to mention the Bahis or, for that matter, Jews.  That story, by the way, even mentions me.
Don''t you just love it when certain anti-Zionist Christians start crucifying Jews?