A very very very bad thing

Jennifer Rubin sees anti-Semitism in Tom Friedman''s histrionics.  And in right-wingers in America.

Melanie Phillips sees Munich:

    We are indeed now facing the unthinkable. Not just that Iran is on the verge of being allowed to proceed to nuclear capability. The really unthinkable reality is that the enemies of the civilised world are not just to be found in Tehran. They are also in London, Brussels and Washington DC.

From the Obama administration we hear in response to Israel being termed a ''rabid dog''

    “Obviously we disagree with it profoundly … It’s inflammatory, it’s unnecessary, and I think at this moment when we are trying to negotiate what can and can’t be achieved, the last thing we need is names back and forth,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee...“Obviously we don’t believe that anything is served with, you know, names that challenge everybody’s sense of propriety and justice and rectitude. We’ve been through this before, as we’ve heard prior, very disturbing assertions regarding the Holocaust,” Kerry said. “We need to move away from this.”

But shouldn''t it be obvious that doing business with Iran is, well, a very bad deal?
A very very bad thing.