Bordering on the pathetic


Is this report an example of diplomatic patheticism?
    The US secretary of state has said final-status Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations could be "within reach... with a little more work"..But Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said there had been no breakthrough.  He said the latest meeting had been "positive and profound", but "there is still a gap between the Palestinian and Israeli positions".
    ..."I''m pleased to tell you that we have made real progress on this trip," Mr Kerry told reporters in Tel Aviv, before leaving the region.  "And I believe that with a little more work, the start of final-status negotiations could be within reach. We started out with very wide gaps, and we have narrowed those considerably."..."We made progress in every sector," he went on to say.
    ...Mr Netanyahu insisted that Israel was not blocking a return to negotiations. "We are not putting up any impediments on the resumption of the permanent talks for a peace agreement between us and the Palestinians," he said in remarks quoted by AFP news agency.  "There are things that we will strongly insist on in the talks themselves, especially security... there will be no agreement that will endanger Israelis'' security."
The PA cannot provide Israel with security.
The PA does not recognize a Jewish national peoplehood.
The PA will not compromise on any territory.
The PA continues to sponsor incitement while lacking any peace promotion input.
The PA refuses any Jerusalem arrangement while fomenting a ''Jerusalem Denial'' program.
The PA engages in disinventivity of any Jewish history in this land.
And what does Kerry do?
He''s narrowing gaps.
The above gaps cannot be narrowed nor does the PA wish to do so.