Can I suggest a Hasbara tip, Mr. Netanyahu?


Last year''s speech of yours was excellent.  It riveted attention on the issues that were really important.


The "red lines" theme went over big.


And this year?


You''re facing criticism for even daring to upset the new political reality (I almost wrote realpolitik) with the US and Iran getting nigh cosy (although last year Obama was criticized).  Last night on Channel One TV, Dov Wesiglass was very upset with you.


So, what''s up your sleeve this week?


In general, you''ve gone on record, saying

“I will present our rights as a nation, our determination to defend ourselves and our hopes for peace. I will speak the truth. Facts must be stated in the face of the sweet talk and the blitz of smiles,"


Whatever your speech''s content and message, use the term "shutdown".  It''s the word of the week:-


Capitol quiet as federal government shutdown nears

Government Heads Toward Shutdown

US government shutdown: How will markets react?


Okay, so shutdown may not be the most clear economic of terms, it''s out there.  So use it.


Perhaps say, 


we must shutdown Iran''s nuclear capability


the democratic West must shutdown Iran''s financial and scientific resources


Catch the attention of the media.


The way to go.


But you know that, yes?